Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries For Tourists

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Dangerous Countries


Why unsafe?

The rising civil war in this country has made it the most unsafe country to visit. Syria has always been a target for terrorist attacks. Murders, car bombing, attacks on foreign embassies take place regularly in Syria. The military forces and rebel groups are active in open warfare in many rural and urban areas.  Being a foreigner in Syria is dangerous as you may be a victim between these clashes. Civilians are also unsafe due to increasing conflicts every day. If you are  caught, you may be detained saying you were the agent of the other group. To be safe it’s advised that you don’t travel to Syria.




Why unsafe?

Tourists in Iraq are at high risk of terrorist violence. Baghdad witnesses attacks with improvised explosive devices and increased crime rates. Kidnapping tourists and acquiring huge ransom amount are common. Attacks generally take place in public places like market and hotels. Many terrorist groups exist in Iraq. They attack the Iraqi security forces at the borders. Extreme personal risks of kidnapping, death, and violent attacks are observed in Iraq.


Why unsafe?

All areas of Afghanistan remains unsafe. The major reason being the ongoing risk of kidnapping and military combat operations. Other threats include landmines, terrorism, and armed rivalry between political and tribal groups. Improvised explosive devices (IED) are commonly used in militant attacks. Also common are suicide bombings, and insurgent attacks. Attacks may target Afghan government officials and foreign embassies. Hotels, cafes, and other public places are usual targets. Traveling to Afghanistan is a threat to one’s life.


Why unsafe?

Violence associated with crime is seen in areas across Colombia. Small towns and rural areas of Colombia can be dangerous due to the presence of terrorists. Drug dealing and narcotics is a flourishing crime that makes Colombia more dangerous. Kidnapping tourists for huge ransom amount is a usual trait of the local armed gangs. Robbery and theft are observed in high numbers and trying to resist means inviting more trouble. Colombia is full of armed people and local narcotic gangs. Colombia is a strict no for tourists.


Why unsafe?

The Central African Republic is under violent crimes and civil wars. Poverty and unstable economic conditions are dominant here. Crimes like kidnapping and murders are common. Theft and robbery are routine affairs in the Central African Republic. The high rate of homicide and violent attacks observed in the Central African Republic makes it amongst the deadliest places to visit.


Why unsafe?

Boko Haram, a militant terrorist group, find its root in Nigeria. Activities by this group have made Nigeria a dangerous place to step in. Governments of various countries have issued travel warnings for cities in Nigeria. These cities include Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Bauchi, and Gombe regions in Nigeria. Security of tourist is at high risk in Nigeria. Kidnapping foreigners for ransom are quite common. Theft and robbery at are seen in almost all parts of Nigeria. Carjacking on highways and thefts are quite seen in Nigeria. This country is on high alert always due to the violence.


Why unsafe?

Kenya witnesses terrorist attack involving explosive materials like grenades and bombing. The northeastern region of Kenya is always on high alert. It’s not advisable to visit these places. Theft and robbery are regular affairs during the night. Al-Shabaab is a militant group in Kenya, responsible for various attacks on political leaders, police stations, and religious places. In short, no place in Kenya is safe to walk alone. Kenya is a strict no for tourist.


Why unsafe?

Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries for a tourist, but it can also prove dangerous. The crime rates are rising in regions like Rio de Janeiro. Murders and robbery are major crimes witnessed in Brazil. People are particularly vulnerable to robberies in the evening and night time. Major tourist spots are the prime targets for robbery. Street theft and kidnapping tourist are also prevalent in Brazil. This country is not safe for women as there is a high rate of rape cases recorded. Brazil is dangerous because of the gang violence observed in most of the areas. In addition, there is now the public health emergency for Zika virus declared by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Why unsafe?

Pakistan is considered the hot spot for terrorists. A large number of jihadis or suicide bombers has risked the life of innocent civilians and foreign nationalists. Gunmen target government officials, law enforcers, foreign diplomats, civilians, and tourists. Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and one of the dangerous cities too. Political infightings and lawlessness have made Karachi unsafe along with other major cities.


Why unsafe?

In Egypt, most violent attacks take place in its capital Cairo. Egypt is poor in its safety and security; petty thefts are common throughout the day. Large protest demonstrations are a common sight. Kidnapping is another crime which is rampant. The growing political rift and gunfire make Egypt amongst the most unsafe place in the world.

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