Top 10 Countries Causing The Most Pollution

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Our nature consists of billions of living and non-living things. There are various layers of our earth which further contain many harmful gases and elements. Some of the gases and pollutants are released from the factories and vehicles which are toxic to both human beings and the planet. These harmful gases not only affect the humans but also destroy the flora and fauna in many regions. Pollution is the biggest concern of every country in a 21st century.

The global warming is the result of the pollution which is a daily problem in the world. The growing urbanization, industrialization and the increasing number of modern transportation facilities have led to pollution even more than before. The below-mentioned are the Top 10 Countries Causing The Most Pollution.



10 Canada

Canada is one of the biggest countries in the globe. It is an industrially advanced country of the world with an awesome touch of nature. There are ice glaciers, forestlands, high mountains and beautiful lakes. It is ranked as one of the highest pollution making countries around the globe with numerous industries and factories.

Due to more development in each part of the nation, Canada produces more pollution which affects even the neighboring countries. You will be surprised to know that it emitted 557 mtCO2 in the atmosphere which is a very dangerous figure.

9 South Korea

South Korea is highly urbanized and one of the epicenters of pollution. The capital of South Korea, Seoul has been developed much from last few decades which is the main reason for pollution here. This country has some of the leading electronic and technology industries which emit harmful elements each day in the atmosphere.

Half part of the pollution in South Korea is caused by the different places of China. This country dispatches about 592 mtCO2 per year.

8 Saudi Arabia

The next on the list is crude oil hub, Saudi Arabia. It has the largest oil reserves and also gas reserves. The industrial waste from the oil industries here is so large in number that it causes about 10 to 12% of total pollution. This waste is toxic to water resources and also for residents living in the vicinity of the industries. The oil industries pollute the air by releasing some of the most poisonous gases in the atmosphere.

There are not strict environmental rules by the government of this country for stopping the air pollution caused due to gas and oil industries. Saudi Arabia emits about 601 mtCO2 each year.

7 Iran

Iran has one of the highest percentages of pollution caused due to vehicles and automobiles. AS per the reports of WHO, this country has the very poor quality of air for breathing. The smog is emitted in high percentage here which affects the citizens living near to the industrial areas.

The increasing number of vehicles emits harmful gases which pollute the air, land, and water. Iran has many petrochemical factories which are main reasons for increasing pollution. This country emits 648 mtCO2 per year.

6 Germany

Germany is one of the most advanced countries of the globe with many automobiles and engineering industries. The amount of smog is high in many parts of Germany. The cities of Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg have recorded higher air pollution with the emission of poisonous gases such as methane and nitrogen dioxide which are harmful to breathing of residents.

EU is another reason for heavy pollution in Germany and about 798mtCO2 is emitted per year in Germany. The quality of air recorded here has been very poor which affects the respiratory system of many living beings.

5 Japan

The next on the list is the one of the most developed nations of the world in every sector, Japan. The discharge of fuel in large number is the reason behind pollution in this country. The highly advanced industries and technologies are one of the main reasons for increasing pollution in Japan.

The quality of air is very unsafe here due to the highly modernized vehicles and automobiles used. Japanese people suffer from many air born diseases due to the heavy air pollution here. Japan emits 1,237 mtCO2 per year from the coal fire stations.

4 Russia

Russia is second to the USA in terms of advanced technology and power. The natural vegetation is often affected here due to increasing air pollution. The lakes and rivers get polluted with smoke and harmful gases released by industries.

There is heavy smog in many parts of Russia every year which creates a heavy problem for many people who stay in the nearby area. Russia emits approximately 1,617 mtCO2 per year which is very harmful.

3 India

India has some of the most polluted cities in the world. A large number of coal industries emits poisonous gases which break the protective layer of the atmosphere making it polluted. Many people die each day in India due to the increasing air pollution.

The water bodies get badly affected with the continuous emission of harmful gases which even cause harm to flora and fauna. The government of India is constantly trying to reduce the air pollution. It emits 2,274 mtCO2 in one year.

2 The USA

At number 2, it is world’s biggest economy, USA. It is also one of the most polluted countries in the world. The increasing smog, advanced transportation facilities, increased industrialization, and factories have given rise to air pollution here.

Many USA citizens suffer from cancers, heart diseases, asthma and many respiratory disorders due to heavy air pollution. The USA emits 5,414 mtCO2 in one year which is just very poisonous.

1 China

China ranks 1 on our list of having highest air pollution in the globe. It is the nation which has the biggest quantity of greenhouse fuel. If you see the amount of smog in many cities of China, you will find out that it is highest in the world.

The heavy projects, technically advanced image and automobiles are some of the reason why China has highest air pollution. It emits 10,357 mtCO2 per year.

Air pollution is not of a factor to be ignored. In the name of technology and development, our earth is getting devastated with harmful pollutants and gases which again becomes a major concern for all of even after all-round development.

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