The Cheapest Places In Europe For A City Break Have Been Revealed

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Looking for a holiday on a budget? Here's where you should go...

Whether you're currently in college, trying to save for something important or simply on a tight budget, it can be hard to organise a holiday or weekend away that won't leave your pockets totally empty.


But luckily for anyone currently looking for a cheap and cheerful getaway, the cheapest European cities for a city break have been revealed.

The 10th annual UK Post Office City Costs Barometer compared the cost of 12 common things we spend our money on holidays on in 36 popular European cities.

It took into consideration the cost of meals, hotel accommodation and more in the different cities and ranked them in terms of their cost. 

The cheapest of the lot? Krakow, Poland

2. Vilnius, Lithuania

4. Warsaw, Poland


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