Planning a Trip to Japan? Here Are 6 Gems In and Nearby Tokyo You CAN'T Miss!

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From amazing skyscrapers illuminated by neon lights to the grace of straw tatami mats in a ryokan, Tokyo is where the past and future merge seamlessly together. No wonder then Tokyo is one of the world’s top tourist destination and it seems most of you are planning a trip there too seeing how it is one of the most searched places to visit by Malaysians late last year. 


Tokyo is also one of the most expensive cities in the world but worry not as we know a way for you to super jimat while you’re there: Save A LOT of money by purchasing a railway pass like Tobu Railways’ Nikko Pass All-Area. This travel pass is exclusive for tourists and makes sightseeing places like Asakusa and Nikko easily accessible Receive special discounts for tourist facilities, transportation, souvenirs and food! With the Nikko Pass All-Area, you can visit these amazing gems throughout Nikko, Asakusa and Tokyo without forking any extra ringgits. And boy these places sure will make your Instagram buddies super jealous ;P


1. Take a cruise across Chuzenji Lake 


スケッチ大先生🎨 #skech #architect #アート

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Chuzenji lake is a breathtaking lake in the mountains above the town of Nikko. It is located at the foot of Mount Nantai, a sacred volcano which its eruption 20,000 years ago is what created this mesmerizing lake. What to expect: 

  • A magnificent lake with the backdrop of the mystical Mount Nantai. It almost looks surreal!

  • Take a calming cruise across the Chuzenji lake through sightseeing spots like Shobugahama and Chuzenji Temple

  • The usual fare for the cruise is RM50, but it’s free if you have the Nikko Pass All-Area!


スケッチ大先生🎨 #skech #architect #アート

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Summer in #Nikko 😊

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