Most AMAZING Waterfalls In The World!

  • 2 years   ago
Most AMAZING Waterfalls In The World!

Check out the Most AMAZING Waterfalls In The World! From the largest yosemite falls to the most beautiful victoria falls, this top 10 list of greatest water falls on earth will amaze you! 

9. Reverse Waterfalls
All over the world there are waterfalls, but in certain places, there are ones that seem to go backwards! These types of waterfalls seem to defy gravity and actually flow upward instead of down via the normal forces of nature. And it's not just in one place that they can be found, they're all over the world if you know where to look. 
8. Ban Gioc–Detian Falls
Found along the border Vietnam, the Ban Gioc–Detian Falls are actually a duet of waterfalls depending on the season that you are in. During the wet season, the two waterfalls pour out large amounts of water, but then, during the dry season, they actually fuse to become a singular waterfall.
7. Jog Falls
Located in India, specifically within the state of Karnataka, Jog Falls is 830 feet tall, and it's actually the second steepest waterfall in all of India. Due to where it is located, tourists like to go and hike up to the very height of the thin falls, and then look out at the lush setting packed with all sorts of greenery.
6. Plitvice Waterfalls
Social media has been a great service to this particular waterfall in Croatia. Because at one time, the Plitvice Waterfalls were actually a bit of a "hidden secret" known solely to the locals of the area. But then, pictures of it started to circulate on the Internet via social media, and now, people come to Croatia just to see these waterfalls.
5. Yosemite Falls
Yosemite National Park is already a well known and beloved destination, but it also is a place that has numerous waterfalls thanks to its terrain. The biggest and most impressive of which is the aptly named Yosemite Falls. Focusing on the height, the drop from the very top of the cliffs where the waterfall starts to the bottom of the falls is a whooping 739 feet. This makes it one of the 20 tallest waterfalls in the world today.
4. Bigar Falls
Found in Romania, the Bigar Falls separates itself from other waterfalls because of how it comes down to the pool of water on the "surface". Like most waterfalls, the Bigar Falls are on a mountain, in this case the Anina Mountain, which is next to the Mini River. Unlike most waterfalls though, the Bigar Falls has its water going over a massive rounded rock, one that is covered with moss from head to toe (so to speak).
3. Angel Falls
The tallest waterfall in the world today, Angel Falls in Venezuela is a truly towering place. From top to bottom, the place is 3211 feet tall. The falls itself are located on Auyán-tepui Mountain, which is located inside the Canaima National Park. This gives tourists a lot to see when they go and check out the sights. Not to mention it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
2. Niagara Falls
Found on the international border between Ontario, Canada and the state of New York in the United States, Niagara Falls is one of the most famous, and beautiful, waterfalls in the world.
1. Victoria Falls
Located in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, as well as one of the biggest waterfalls in the world today. At over 300 feet in height, and over one mile in length, it carves quite a path, and drives in a lot of tourism in Africa. In fact, it's one of the most famous World Heritage sites on the continent.