Kasol: How To Reach And Things To Do

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Things to Know about Kasol
Kasol: How To Reach And Things To Do

'Mini Israel’; ‘Stoner’s city’; ‘Gem of Himachal Pradesh’ whatever you call it, Kasol has been pet named my almost all its visitors. There are innumerable things to do and places to visit in Kasol and the beauty will never fail to astonish you. Get your backpacks off your closets and get set to witness the serene of Kasol and the adrenal rush! Here we go –


Best time to visit Kasol –

In spite of the fact that Kasol is an all year long goal, it is best suited to visit amid the mid-year long stretches of May and June. However, individuals likewise love to visit Kasol amid the winter time of November to February. So no harsh time barricade for all the curious explorers. Yay!



Explore the Villages and Treks Around Kasol. There are plenty of grand spots in Kasol, which, means you'll certainly return with a ton of DPs and cover pictures. You can trek and tread around excursions to some stunning spots close to Kasol, for example, Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parbati Pass, and Kheerganga. You may need to move around a bit with jeep or some taxis to get to the beginning spot. In if in case extreme climb isn't your style, go out for a stroll to Chalal, which is only 30 minutes from Kasol or you visit these beautiful places in and around Kasol –


  1. Kullu

Kullu which is around merely 50 km from Kasol and is on the banks of the Beas stream, is one of the nearest escape spots. The pleasant village encompassed by glorious mountains gives stunning perspectives. There are numerous touring spots in Kullu like the Pandoh Dam, The Great Himalayan National Park, Chandrakhani Pass and furthermore Tirthan Valley among a few others. Voyagers can keep themselves engaged on their trek to this must-visit put in Himachal Pradesh. For the ones who have a propensity for the enterprise, you can definitely go for activities like trekking or even the yak safari.


  1. Parvati River

Spouting through the excellent Parvati Valley, this stream is one of the real attractions in Kasol. The radiating stream waters, unblemished valleys and satisfying scenes make this place brilliant. On the off chance that you happen to visit Kasol with your group, you can enjoy numerous fun exercises – outdoors being one of them. If not, you can also simply kick back and take part in endless discussions with your companions while nature keeps on restoring you. Truly a bliss!


  1. Malana Village

To comprehend the nearby culture and way of life, visit the alluring Malana town in Kasol which is flanked by the breathtaking pinnacles of Deotibba and Chandrakhani. This town is a flat out treat to the eyes and to outwit this place you can likewise trek to this goal. Rough territories and the particular culture of this town will make your visit advantageous. Another intriguing thing about this town is that it is accepted to be established by Alexander The Great's armed force.


  1. Kheer Ganga Peak

Another famous goal in Kasol is the Kheer Ganga Peak which is arranged at then end of Parvati Valley. This is the place you will have extraordinary compared to other trekking encounters. The least demanding and furthermore the most exciting one, the trek trail is around 9 km roughly which in the long run achieves a tough from where you get wonderful perspectives of mountains and can even take a dunk in the high temp water spring that begins at the best.



  1. Bhuntar Town

Bhuntar is a beguiling, residential community that is arranged in Parvati Valley in the midst of thick timberlands. Arranged at a separation of 30 km from Kasol, this town is only heaven. The trails are dubious and the streets slender making it an exciting knowledge to drive through this town. The juncture of River Beas and River Parvati (presented above) merits viewing. In the event that you wish to do only simply unwind and watch individuals and spots, this is the place to be.


  1. Manali

Situated at a separation of 80 km from Kasol, Manali is truly outstanding and most-gone to visitor goals of Himachal. This is the place your eyes will be dealt with to the perspectives of the lofty and shocking Himalayas. Furthermore, for a touch of enterprise, you got trekking, skiing, paragliding and furthermore ice trekking; everything that a visitor searches for!


How to reach Kasol?


Modes of transport –

Bus: You can easily get a bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate to Kasol. The bus journey would take around 14 hours for you to reach Kasol. The prices of the bus tickets range according to the quality of the bus. It generally starts from Rs 500 and goes on increasing as per the bus and the services provided. Although there is no direct bus service from Delhi to Kasol, you need to get down at Bhunter and then you can take a local bus which will take you to Kasol. If you are worried about the traveling expenses Redbus coupons will help you save up to Rs. 250 off on your bus bookings.


Train: Take a train from Delhi to Bhunter. Get down at the Bhunter railway station and from there take a local bus ride or hire a taxi to Kasol.


By Air: Fly from Delhi airport to either Kullu or to Dharamsala and from there take the local bus to reach Kasol.


Things to do –

Kasol, a curious town of Parvati Valley, yet a standout amongst the most well-known vacationer goals in Himachal Pradesh, extends along the charming Parvati River. Despite the fact that it is a town, Kasol has numerous great visitor goals in and around it. A walk around the foot connect over River Parvati, strolling down the rural town paths, tasting a cuppa from one of their eccentric bistros, Hike and Trek, Stay in tent camp, Binge in Israeli food,  and lazing around in Kasol; these are the few manners by which you can smoothly appreciate the numerous marvels of nature.



So these were the places you must must visit if you ever find yourself in Kasol. Though Kasol as of now is not very well connected with rail routes it has better and convenient ways to reach. These were just a few best which I could pen but there are treasures to explore for you in Kasol. So free yourself up and pack your bags to explore every bit of the explored yet the unexplored paradise! Happy Journey ^^