How to Pack the Ultimate Luxury Suitcase

  • 5 months   ago

Getting away is always an experience in luxury and glamour. Travel carries with it an age-old sensation of calm, relaxation, opulence and style - and you want to look the part when you next go away, in 2021. With the world due to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, borders about to open, and flight paths about to re-carve themselves into our skies, this is the time to be planning how you’re going to travel in style next year. With this handy guide, you’ll learn how to pack the ultimate luxury suitcase for your meandering travels next year. 

Pack Light

Unless you’re going on a vacation that’ll see you stay in just one hotel for the duration of your trip, it’s recommended that you travel on the light side. Every single additional item of clothing that you might not wear may prevent you from being as mobile as you’d like in the days of your vacation, leaving you feeling a little stuck with huge suitcases when you’re looking to board trains, buses and coaches. 

Packing light needn’t necessarily mean foregoing your essentials, though, as Smarter Travel ex-plains. Nor should it mean that you don’t pack all that you want to bring away with you. Instead, you should be careful to use smart packing tips - like rolling your clothes to save space and avoid creases - so that you’re able to pack a luxury suitcase that it’s prohibitively heavy.

Glamorous Clothing

You’re only going to look like a luxury traveller if you’re wearing the clothing to match. And this means buying and packing the kind of travel wear that’ll set you apart as a traveller with style and zeal. Your apparel and accessory hunting begins today: you’re able to scour the internet for the garments you’re most interested in showing off abroad long before you take your trip.

To budget for these clothes, and to avoid overspend that’ll actually take away from your vacation, it’s important to use tools provided through the ultimate travel pack by Cash Lady to track your budget and your spending on luxury clothing. Make sure you’re staying within your financial limits so that you can look stylish at the same time as enjoying your trip abroad. 


Camera and Photos

To make your luxury suitcase mean more to you, you need to be photographed with it, and in the clothes that you’ve bought in the preceding months. This means brining a camera - or a smartphone with a selfie stick - so that you can capture all the amazing places you’re visiting - and how amazing you’re looking in them.

Curating your Instagram account while you’re traveling is one of life’s true pleasures - and getting the pictures that’ll make you appear to be a luxury traveller is the perfect cherry on top of your luxury trip. Make sure that you’re photographed in the most glamorous locations - from Doha to Delhi - in your most glamorous clothing, in order to make your Instagram followers green with envy about the trip you’ve just taken.

Use these simple tips to fill your suitcase with luxury, and to help your trip look and feel like a stylish one next year.