How to enjoy safaris with your family and friends?

  • 2 years   ago
How to enjoy safaris with your family and friends?

Safaris are fun for families, friend groups, and corporate teams. No matter who your companion is, you need a solid plan to enjoy your upcoming holiday in the wild. Safaris don’t need to be dangerous at all. In fact, you can avoid almost all the danger by planning ahead, booking the right hotels and camps. Horseback safaris are indeed fun, but ensure that the children in your team either have the training to ride horses, or they have other indoor activities while you have a "wild time."


Start by making a list

Asking yourself a few questions will help you plan the perfect horseback safari with your friends and family. 

i. Have you ever been on a safari before? 

ii. If this is your first safari, is there anyone on the team who has been on safaris before?

iii. What did you like and dislike about your previous safari trips?

iv. Do you have horse riding training?

v. Are confident about riding in open spaces? 

vi. Who else is traveling with you? Will, there be children in your group?

vii. Do you have any horse-riding experience apart from watching them on TVG

viii. What activities would you like to include in your trip and safari?

Brainstorming a list of things, you want to do and sights you want to see is another way of planning. The only way to get past the chaos of planning with ten other people and accommodating each one's wishes is by asking them to contribute one or two activities each. Set up a priority list of things your team wants to do on their holiday to the wild.

Seek out expert advice before setting out

Always speak with an expert, who organizes safaris and goes on them frequently. You might have gone on many jungles and camping trips before, but a horseback safari will be a different ballgame. An actual horse-riding safari expert should be more than happy to help you out. You can speak with one online or seek help from online forums that specialize in these kinds of topics. 

Share your detailed plans with the safari experts and see what they think about it. Often you will find additional activities the national parks and reserves offer that you do not know about. It can include adventure sports activities and family camping spots at the end of a trail ride. Ask all the questions you believe are essential to the expert. Don’t leave any for the last minute. Find out everything you need including any preventive medication and clothing during the trip.

Keep some additional time in hand

Some seasons tend to be more crowded than the others. Speak with the National Park authorities and lodging companies before you set out. Book the rides, hotels, campsites and adventure sports packages in advance. Booking with a couple of months in hand can also get you lucrative discounts. Ask for corporate discounts if you are taking your office team on a wilderness retreat.