Four Worldwide Family Friendly Vacation Destinations

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Four Worldwide Family Friendly Vacation Destinations

Need inspiration for planning your next family getaway? Well, this article is for you! We rounded up our top 4 best family-friendly vacation destinations in the world to help you get the most out of your trip with your loved ones. 

1. Explore Endless Discoveries in Japan

No matter the size or age range of your family, Japan will never fail to dazzle with its sumptuous foods, trendy fashion, incredible scenery, and historical and traditional charms. It's an all-year-round favorite destination by families, boasting with rich culture and history and with polite locals. Moreover, it's always kept clean, safe, and filled with endless unique activities. 

Kyoto, Tokyo, and Osaka are three famous family-friendly cities in Japan. With the country's efficient public transportations systems, including the Shinkansen high-speed trains or colloquially known as the bullet train, you have the opportunity to discover all the best places in Japan you'd like to visit.  


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Kyoto is the best representation of old Japan, with more than 2,000 temples and shrines. While Tokyo is the ultimate modern metropolis, with staggering skyscrapers, colorful neon signs, and powerful, innovative technologies. Osaka, on the other hand, brings you to the busiest shopping district in Japan. The famous Universal Studios Japan, which offers a perfect blend of Japanese and Hollywood culture, is also located here. 

2. Be Inspired in Iceland

A place where ice and fire co-exist, Iceland is always on the must-see lists for families. It's one of the most peaceful and safest countries in the world with awe-inspiring, dramatic natural beauty, such as unique landscapes of waterfalls, volcanos, glaciers, geysers, and sand beaches. 

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You'll never run out of fun activities with your family in Iceland. These include horseback riding, glacier walks, rafting along canyons, hike to the waterfalls, ATV rides on lava fields, seeing Northern Lights and educational wildlife watching. 

For decades, Iceland has been one of Europe's premier whale watching destinations. You can catch Blue Whales peacefully splashing over the waters under the beautiful Midnight Sun or illuminated by the Northern Lights, depending on what season you visit. 

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