Flying During the Pandemic? Here is What You Need to Know

  • 2 months   ago

While the virus is still at large, we can safely toss our travelling plans into the bin-or maybe not! There is no doubt about the risks we would be taking up if we were to catch a flight under these circumstances. But there are things that we cannot always avoid.

A medical emergency or emergency of any kind, can always come barging through our doors. And we might have to take that long, dreaded flight.

Domestic and international airports have remained non-functional for several months. However, now they have bounced back into business and so should we.

Our lives cannot stop. And while we can put a cork to our vacation plans, we cannot really escape work. We cannot really contribute any further to the tumbling economy. And flying from one place to another might be an integral part of our occupation. So what should you do while flying under these circumstances? 

Airports are maintaining decorum and following protocols to ensure the safety of their passengers. But, this virus is sinister. These protocols might not be enough to safeguard you from its clutches. Therefore, what you need to do is adopt double protection. You have to take care of yourself while you are flying or there might be high risks of catching the virus. So here is what you need to do.

Reduce Contact with People and Surfaces As Much As Possible:

The most important thing that you must remember while you are on your journey is to reduce contact as much as possible. Whether you are taking the public transport to the airport or the waiting at your terminal, refrain from touching people or things. Touch spreads the virus quicker than anything else. The Novel Coronavirus has the capacity to live on the surface of inanimate objects for more than 24 hours. And no matter how clean the airports might look like, they are a breeding ground for the virus. Therefore, make sure that you have maintained an adequate physical distance from people. And also see to it that you do not touch your nose, mouth or eye immediately after coming in contact with a surface. 

Keep Sanitizing Your Hands and Wear A Mask At All Times:

It can be extremely uncomfortable to wear a mask at all times, but it is the need of the hour. If you are to ensure your safety while flying, you have to wear the dreaded mask. Also, it is not just about your safety. By not wearing a mask, you could be putting your co-passengers at an increased risk of catching the infection. Thus, for the love of humanity, wear the mask at all times, especially at the airport. The second most important thing that you have to do while you wear a mask is sanitizing your hands. Sanitize your hands frequently and the minute you think that you might have come in contact with any surface. This will protect you from getting the virus into your system and passing it on to other people as well. 

A Tip When You Reach the Destination:

Whether you are flying internationally for a business trip in Dubai or trying to have some fun in the safe casinos in Canada, understand the need for social distancing. Make sure that you are not running towards the exit of the plane once you land. Do not fall on each other and increase the chance of spreading the virus. Understand that the plane will not take off immediately after it lands. You will have enough time to make a slow and careful exit. Make sure that your luggage has been properly sanitized after you claim them from the baggage counter. While taking a cab to your hotel or the business venue from the airport, make sure that the driver has sanitized everything. And make sure that he has sanitized everything right in front of you. Refuse the cab if the driver does not follow protocols. Finally, even after you leave the airport and proceed towards your final destination, keep your PPE strapped on.




A Final Word of Caution:

It is understandable that you are scared and do not want to fly during these uncertain times. But only because you have taken a flight does not mean that you will bring home the virus. Follow the basic safety measures and protocols, and you shall be fine. It is important to remember that the Novel Coronavirus might never go away. It might just become endemic and we only have to learn to live along with it. Therefore, be careful, sanitize yourself and you should be good to go.