Five Reasons to Consider Patrick Henry College’s Teen Leadership Camps this Summer

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Five Reasons to Consider Patrick Henry College’s Teen Leadership Camps this Summer

At Patrick Henry College’s Teen Leadership Camps, we want campers to reach high to achieve their academic potential. Admittedly, this is a lofty-sounding goal for a week-long summer camp program near Washington, D.C. Based on its appearance, a week at Patrick Henry College’s Teen Leadership Camps doesn’t appear much different from any other week-long summer intensive program, and in fact probably appears wanting when compared to its two week-long counterparts. So what makes a week at Teen Leadership Camps so valuable? Why should you come? Here are five top reasons:

1. World-Class Instructors at Patrick Henry College

How would you like to learn about the United States Intelligence Community from former professionals who worked in agencies like the FBI or CIA? What about learning about business and economics from a senior executive who averaged a 13% increase in sales during the Great Recession? How would you like to sharpen your Moot Court arguments under instruction from former National Champions? At Patrick Henry College Teen Leadership Camps, you’ll only be learning from the best. 



Our instructors at Patrick Henry College have experience and practical knowledge meant to help you succeed at whatever you’re passionate about. Learn lessons from people who have actually been where you want to go. Camps are led by both current Patrick Henry College professors and alumni who have excelled in their chosen career field. 


2. Camps prepare you for college classes at a high undergraduate level

Do you want to be successful academically during your first year at college? Maybe you have scholarships dependent on maintaining a specific GPA. The prospectcan be daunting if you’re planning on attending an academically prestigious college like Patrick Henry, but Teen Camps prepare you for challenging courses and enable you to perform your very best. 

At Patrick Henry College Teen Leadership Camps, instructors know that campers aren’t afraid of a challenge, and they’re ready to help you rise to the occasion. You’re not afraid to ask difficult questions—your instructors aren’t afraid to help you answer them. Small classroom sizes for instruction sessions and one-on-one coaching from your instructors help prepare you for collegiate debate or acting. Go into your next rounds knowing you’re more than prepared. Learn techniques for writing, arguing, and balancing life in a high-pressure environment. College is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life—make sure you are prepared to get the most out of it. 

 3. Explore Possible Callings On Your Life while at Patrick Henry College

Do you have questions about how to become a lawyer? How about questions about what being a journalist involves? Do you think God is calling you to become an analyst at the CIA? Maybe you have your eye on that corner office and a senior executive position sometime in your future. Because our camp instructors are so knowledgeable about their fields, they’ll be able to answer your questions about planning for your future career. 

Do you want to know what major you should pursue in college? What type of forensic activities make you stand out in law school applications? What internships you should pursue while at college? Read words from Sarah, former Patrick Henry College Teen Camper: “From my experience, instructors at Teen Camps were more than happy to answer my questions and gave me practical advice that I found myself using when I was in my freshman and sophomore years of college. I felt prepared because my instructors had taken time to talk with me and explain what I needed to prepare for. I learned what it meant to have a vocation—a calling from God that extends past career choices. At camps I not only learned how to succeed at my future job, but also how to succeed at whatever God was calling me to, whether it was a high-powered job or not.”

4. Learn how to defend your faith

In an increasingly secular day and age Christianity is painted as unreasonable. With prominent atheists writing books like The God Delusion, it’s easy to be discouraged about apologetics. That doesn’t need to be the case. During Leadership and Worldview Camp you’ll not only learn about what it means to be a leader in business or government, but also what it means to be a leader in the marketplace of ideas. 

During these summer camps you can look forward to learning how to compare other worldviews with Christianity and how to defend your faith with boldness and Christ’s love. While arguments only make up a part of Apologetics, you’ll leave camp prepared to stand firm for your faith and answer difficult questions with solid answers. 

5. Meet Other Students With Similar Interests
At Teen Leadership Camps, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other week long summer program near Washington d.c. who share your interests, whether in law, literature, or leadership. At Patrick Henry College you’ll create a group of friends and find a place where you can talk about deep, thought-provoking topics. Academics here don’t stop when you leave the classroom and start our evening games. Your counselors are majoring in things from Political Theory to Economics and Business Analytics, and they want to talk with you about what you’ve learned in class. Some of your best experiences at camp might involve discussing case law or C.S. Lewis’s writing with your counselor after evening activities. 
At Patrick Henry College Teen Leadership Camps we’re convinced you’ll leave camps having learned more about life, your faith, and your calling. Your instructors and counselors want you to have an experience that helps you use all the gifts God has given you, including your mind. At Patrick Henry College we believe that Christians are called to love God with your whole heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:37) and our Teen Camps are passionate about helping you do just this. By engaging in challenging, rewarding academics that teach you how to use your mind for God in whatever you do--whether it’s intelligence, moot court, journalism, or literature-- your instructors want to point you back to God. 
If you’re interested in growing academically, join us at Patrick Henry College’s Teen Leadership Camps and redefine your summer today. For more information about Patrick Henry College Teen Leadership camps visit our Teen Leadership camp page at