Five dazzling holiday light displays around the world

  • 2 years   ago
Five dazzling holiday light displays around the world

Each winter a huge number of twinkling lights enlighten urban communities over the globe to praise the season. From Japan's hand-painted knobs to Europe's Christmas markets, here are 10 spots to light up your vacation. Regardless of whether you're cozying up at home or flying off to a far-flung goal, catch the locales with these speedy tips for capturing occasion lights.



The fragrance of toasted almonds and glogg proclaims the landing of Saint Lucia to this beguiling stream town lit up throughout the entire season. Five million lights sparkle on the structures and on the 700 Christmas trees at Liseberg Amusement Park's Christmas Market (Scandinavia's biggest). Choirs sing and sweethearts kiss along a two-mile Lane of Light prompting the harbor starting in December. 


The Japanese Pagoda, a famous eatery on Tivoli Lake, is among the numerous structures spruced up with occasion lights at Denmark's 1843 entertainment mecca and "joy cultivate," the fantastic vision of a Tiffany plan chief. Notwithstanding visiting the Asian region, situated close to the show corridor, guests can zoom through the shimmering skies on the 1914 exciting ride, and warm up with glogg (reflected on wine) and apple dumplings. 

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