Filipinos Can Experience Snow At These 10 Countries Without A Visa

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During the last quarter of the year, many countries in the northern region of the world turn into a winter wonderland, but the Philippines? It still continues to have a tropical weather with occasional rain.


If you’d like to experience a merry white Christmas in December soon, here are the best places you can go to. And guess what, even with a third-world passport, you can easily fly over to these places…visa-free! Cool, isn’t it?

1. Jeju Island, South Korea

Here’s your chance to visit South Korea without applying for a visa! Sure it’s pretty easy to apply for a visa to visit the country (plus it’s free!) but nothing beats travelling with just a passport, right? Jeju Island is best known for its beaches but you can also head on to the northern regions such as Eorimok and try sledding downhill. It’s popular among children but the kids-at-heart can always join in.

2. Mongolia

Winter in Mongolia is surreal with its vast landscapes and open countryside. You will have to be extremely prepared for the conditions; although it doesn’t snow much in the area, the temperature stays below zero for months so the snow stays even until the summer months. Mongolians often celebrate the winter with ice sculptures but you can also enjoy the scenery inside the train.

Winter Season: November to February

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