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90% of Australians live on the coast:
The large deserts of central Australia mean that the vast majority of the population live on the shores of this enormous country. The large cities of Perth, Sydney and Melbourne are iconic places to visit, with buzzing centres and a multitude of beaches. Outside of the major hubs, there are hundreds of smaller beach towns where you can appreciate Australia's beautiful coastline.
Second-highest human development index:
One thing the Aussies can pride themselves is the fact that they’re ranking high in the human development index. This index measures various things such as equality, lifespan, welfare etc. Australia comes in at second place, just after Norway.
Breathe in clean air:
The island of Tasmania is the ideal spot to experience the great outdoors - with air as clean as Antarctica, around one-third of the state is a national park or World Heritage protected. It is a walkers paradise, with trails and walkways winding over the whole island, where the coastal paths reveal impressive views over Wineglass Bay and the Bay of Fires.
Weird Wildlife:
Due to its remarkable isolation over the millennia, Australia enjoys fairly unique fauna. From furry kangaroos to the elusive quokka, and mysterious platypus to fierce cassowary,  they’re a big draw for many tourists. Australia also has more ways to die than perhaps any other country in the world, from spiders to seashells. Yes, seashells.
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The Great Barrier Reef:
While some scientists declared the Great Barrier Reef dead back in 2016, the world’s largest coral reef is still alive, even though it needs to be protected from pollution and other problems that the world’s oceans are facing. Another cool fact is that the Great Barrier Reef is so large that it’s visible from space!
Fraser Island:
The sandy shores of Fraser Island are a highlight of any trip to Queensland. Hervey Bay is the jumping-off point for exploring the island, so hop on a boat and discover the delights of this island paradise - the clear blue waters of Lake MacKenzie surrounded by the white sand shore and the serenity of Champagne Pools, where you can swim in the shallow pools at the edge of the ocean.
The Underground Uluru:
The vast rock of Uluru sits in the red centre of Australia, surrounded by scrubland and sacred to various Aboriginal tribes in the area. It is one of the few places on the earth to be listed twice as a UNESCO World Heritage site, both on the cultural and natural lists. Amazingly around 2.5km of the rock is thought to be underground connected to the Olgas, where the rock emerges again 16 miles away.