A Filipino First Timer's Travel Guide : Croatia

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A Filipino First Timer's Travel Guide : Croatia

Croatia is anything but an exceptionally famous decision for Filipino explorers. It's far and not in any way discussed as a choice when your family or barkada plans an occasion abroad. You more often than not need to do additional examination when you go to a far-flung nation like Croatia. What's more, you need to apply for a visa. It sounds like a task isn't that right? 

In any case, address any individual who has been to Croatia and they'll share exactly how wonderfully astounding the nation is as far as magnificence, uniqueness, and environment. Each ounce of vitality and buck you spend on this nation will be justified, despite all the trouble. Read on for an essential travel control for amateurs! 


Visa application 

The most widely recognized approach to get a vacationer visa for Croatia is either acquire a substantial Two or Multiple Entry Schengen Visa or a legitimate Croatian Visa. You can apply for a Schengen Visa either at VFS Global or the government office/office here in the Philippines of the nation that comprises your fundamental goal. You may peruse how to apply for a Schengen Visa here

To apply for a legitimate Croatian Visa, you may pursue these means: 

Stage 1: Compile every single essential archive 

  • Visa application frame 

  • Legitimate international ID, with expiry date surpassing expiry date of the asked for visa 

  • One photo 

  • Travel medical coverage 

  • Reservation of return head out ticket to the Philippines 

  • Verification of the motivation behind remain (endorsement of paid bundle visit, booking of facilities, everyday schedule) 

  • Archives exhibiting adequate assets (pay slip and bank proclamation about your equalization and exchanges over the most recent three months) 

Note: This is an outlined variant of the necessities. For a more point by point variant, go to the VFS Global site

Stage 2: Submit records at the VFS Global at Mezzanine Floor, Ecoplaza Bldg., Don Chino Roces Ave Ext, Makati City. 

  • You may come without an arrangement. 

  • Necessity accommodation: 2pm – 6pm, Monday – Friday 

  • International ID accumulation: 2pm-6pm, Monday-Friday 

Stage 3: Pay for the general visa charge of ₱6,660 (non-refundable) 

Stage 4: You might possibly be required a meeting. Make a point to go when they ask for one. 

Stage 5: Wait for the consequences of your application. Standard handling time is 15 timetable days from the day of receipt. 

On the off chance that your visa is affirmed, bring the accompanying when you recover your international ID from VFS: 

  • Unique installment receipt 

  • Legitimate ID 

  • For minors: birth declaration 

  • For certify travel organization: approval issued on the letterhead of the movement office, with identification information of sightseers and operator's visa information. 

For more data on applying for a Croatian Visa, click here. 

Flights to Croatia 


With the goal for you to observe the Republic of Croatia in the entirety of its magnificence, you initially need to overcome the long flights and delays. From Manila to Zagreb (the capital of Croatia), here are standard alternatives that are restricted to a most extreme of two stopovers: 

Emirates Airline (Manila – Dubai – Zagreb) 

Qatar Airways (Manila – Doha – Zagreb) 

Turkish Airlines (Manila – Istanbul – Zagreb) 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Manila – Taipei – Amsterdam – Zagreb) 

There are as yet different aircrafts you can pick originating from Manila however will expect you to change carriers at one stopover. A case of this is Etihad Airways which you can board from Manila to Abu Dhabi. From that point, you travel to Belgrade where you need to change aircrafts to Air Serbia, to at long last touch base in Zagreb. 

There are different flight agendas that might be less expensive, snappier, or more down to earth for your requirements. Do your examination and pick the best one that suits you or the gathering you're going with. 

Where to remain 

Since the thought is for Filipino novices in Croatia to amplify their entire excursion (who knows when you'll be back), jumping from city to city and seeing a smidgen of everything is the most ideal approach to do this. So, I prescribe that you book inns, motels, or Airbnb rather than lodgings or resorts since it'll spare you a considerable measure of cash. Interesting facilities are more prevalent in Europe, so you'll have enough alternatives without a doubt. In case you will book a bundle visit that will hold your settlement for you, the better.

What to eat 

Pag Cheese 

They say that Croatia's best cheddar is the Pag Cheese that originates from the island of Pag close Zadar. The island of Pag is additionally a salt generation focus which enables them to deliver cheddar more flavourful than some other cheddar in Croatia. The breezes on the island as far as anyone knows spread the island's salt residue into its vegetation, while the sheep on the island which deliver the drain and cheddar, eat the salted vegetation. Their sheep makes Pag island the main bona fide hotspot for Pag Cheese in Croatia. 

Crni Rizot 

Crni Rizot, or at the end of the day dark risotto, is cooked with squid ink that hues the rice dark. This is an acclaimed fish dish in Croatia and pretty much every fish eatery has it. In spite of the fact that paella is typically Spain's strength, try Croatia's Crni Rizot out. All things considered, a significant number of its urban areas are situated adjacent to the Adriatic Sea. Think about all the new fish you get the opportunity to relish in that dark risotto! 

Hobotnica Ispod Peke 

On the off chance that you've attempted Japan's Takoyaki, you should attempt Croatia's Hobotnica Ispod Peke. It's additionally made of fish, normally octopus, that is cooked with meat and veggies. They likewise blend potatoes, a touch of nectar, and Mediterranean herbs into the pot just to draw out that interesting and colorful flavor. 


Announced as Croatia's elusive social legacy by the Croatian Ministry of Culture, Soparnik ought to be on each voyager's nourishment basin list. It's a straightforward formula but adored by such a significant number of local people. Soparnik is comprised of mixture that sandwiches chard, onions, and parsley. Consider it a lighter or more beneficial rendition of an Italian pizza. It's filled in all in all pie at that point served in cuts. The best thing about this for Filipinos? You can without much of a stretch make the cuts your baon and placed them in a tupperware for when you visit the city. 


Talking about baon, Croatia's Arancini can likewise fill in as pressed tidbits or even better, a trinket to convey home to your family. Arancini are fundamentally sugar coated orange strip, and viewed as conventional desserts in Croatia. The way toward making them is truly straightforward. Gather clean orange strips, absorb them water for six days, take them out then placed them in bubbling water, include sugar, at that point take them out again and move them in precious stone sugar. Abandon them to dry for a few days. Voila! You have yourself some delicious Arancini. 

Spots to visit 


Picture credit: Nick Savchenko 

When you arrive in Zagreb, you're as of now at the core of Croatia. As its capital, Zagreb is Croatia's biggest city, with 30 appealing parks, roomy person on foot zones, and various bistros you can unwind in to appreciate the serene environment. Zagreb is likewise viewed as a sheltered city that has figured out how to remain sentimental on account of its blend of current and chronicled attractions. 

The engineering of the places of worship and towers in their Upper Town, specifically, will take you back to medieval occasions as you stroll on cobblestone boulevards. Then again, strolling in their Lower Town will demonstrate to you a blend of neo-florid and craftsmanship deco structures. Really a city intended to be experienced by walking! 


In the event that the Philippines was known as The Pearl of the Orient by our national legend, Europe thinks about Dubrovnik as the Pearl of the Adriatic. Not exclusively is Dubrovnik the "Lord's Landing" we know from Game of Thrones, however you could state that it has a VIP access and perspective of the Adriatic Sea, as it's a port city. 

Dubrovnik was set up in the seventh Century. It's stunning how they figure out how to keep up the gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance engineering of the city right up 'til today. You can see this in the neatness of the cobblestone road, guarded dividers, and royal residences. Strolling around Dubrovnik's Old Town, which is one of the social UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and getting an all encompassing perspective of the orange rooftops against the blue sky are an absolute necessity! 


Like Dubrovnik, Split is a port city, and the second biggest city in Croatia. Split was set up by the Romans in the fourth century, and obviously, Emperor Diocletian exploited this and fabricated a retirement royal residence in the city. The Diocletian Palace stays to be the principle vacation spot in Split. 

Be that as it may, rather than envisioning a run of the mill mansion, envision a walled town that has saved Roman remains, medieval places of worship, with a blend of current shops, bars, and marked boutiques. All of which you'll discover in the Diocletian Palace! In spite of the fact that it's saved, it's as yet an ideal road for the cutting edge traveler. You can likewise relax and human watch in Riva, their harbourside promenade, or sunbathe and swim at Split's shorelines. 


On the off chance that you need to encounter one of Croatia's greatest and most wonderful towns that can take you back to the times of yore, visit Hvar Town in Hvar. This town highlights thirteenth century dividers, old fortifications, gothic royal residences, and the seventeenth century Arsenal. While it's acclaimed for its protected foundations, the town is likewise known for its vineyards and lavender fields. Croatia is known to be one of the biggest makers of lavender, so on the off chance that I were you, I would put resources into purchasing lavender oil, cleanser, and other lavender items in Hvar. 

This city additionally has water crafts and yachts you can lease to visit neighboring islands on the off chance that you need to hit the shoreline and take a dip in more detached zones. Youthful voyagers on a fundamental level will appreciate the night scene as Hvar changes into a gathering place at night. 


Zadar is one of calmer urban areas in Croatia. It may not be as swarmed like Dubrovnik or Hvar, but rather it has a lot of normal excellence and rich history. This is the ideal place to have quiet and undisturbed strolls in the city and be unified with nature. Zadar has three national parks, Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes, and Krka. These three are found between the Adriatic Sea and the Velebit Mountains where you can climb, shake climb, and swim in the cascades. From Zadar, you can likewise cruise your approach to one of Croatia's best shorelines, Saharun. Saharun has white sand and turquoise water. It'll help you a smidgen to remember home! 

Getting around 

The most ideal method for getting around Croatia is by leasing a vehicle. You'll discover the streets are well-manufactured and in incredible condition. It will just take a normal of three hours to get starting with one city then onto the next, in addition to you'll be remunerated with extraordinary scenes and landscapes. One dependable Croatian vehicle rental organization you can allude to is Sixt. 

Then again, a more down to earth approach to get from city to city is by utilizing the transport. It's moderate enough and not as costly as rental vehicles. The transport stations in Croatia are frequently found at the focal point of the town or in strolling separation to the inside. Arriva is an easy to understand site to book Croatia transport tickets on the web. 

At the point when to visit and cost 

To expand your outing to Croatia, I would prescribe to visit it in the late spring from July to August, their High Season. Despite the fact that this might be the most costly time in Croatia, it's the point at which you can visit around without getting chilly, and when you can make the most of Croatia's shorelines minus all potential limitations. In case you're going on a tight spending plan, the best time to visit is June or September, their Shoulder Season, when costs drop down. 

For a one-week occasion in their High Season, facilities in loft rentals can go as high as €490. Though in their Shoulder Season, flat rentals can just cost up to €350. With regards to sustenance costs, you can in any case limit your financial plan to €5-8 for every feast. This would already be able to incorporate a hors d'oeuvre, principle course and a side supper. Your general spending will even now rely upon your inclinations and interests. Make a point to prepare! 

There's no uncertainty that Croatia is extraordinary compared to other European nations to put resources into for an excursion. It's wealthy ever, culture, and normal ponders that are so unique and a long way from our own. Indeed, even after your outing, you'll be thinking back about the social enhancement and educational experience of the spots that you didn't believe merited investigating in any case. So it should? Perhaps it's a great opportunity to download Croatia's visa application frame.