7 Best Indian Railway Android App to Book Your Tickets, Check PNR Status and Spot Your Train

  • 2 years   ago
Railway Android App

Currently,everything is shifting to digital media and everyone can access information through mobile phones. Mobile gadgets are a great option to view and access all the digital information in the world. Whether to communicate via or messages, to socialize with the worldwide audience, or to get upudates from various informative apps, mobiles have become a boon for people. If that was not enough, the developments in technology have also changed the way of travelling. Now you no longer need to wait for your number in the queue for getting tickets. That performing all the major tasks when it comes to booking your tickets. Not only these help you to book train tickets faster but also shaer other info like train status so you can plan your next journey accordingly.

1. NTES:- National Train Enquiry System:

Railyway journeyes have become more sorted and hassle-free with time. Thanks to apps like NTES. This app allows the urer to do all the inquiry related to your journey. You can easily draw details of your train before booking tickets and during the journey. It's a great app that makes your commuting a hassle-free experience.

2. Where is My Train:- Indian Railyway:

How about a robot that tells your everything about a train? 'Where is my train' us ibe such app. All you need is to feed it some like train source, train destination, and numer. You can also use your voice to get the required information. Easy navigation and the simple interface are amongst its best features.

3. Trainman:

Trainman is a one-stop solution for checking PNR status, seat availability, confirming waiting list tickets and more. It's a useful app to perform a variety of actions from railway fare inquiry to booking tatkal tickets. You can also find great tips and tricks related to train joureys and travel planning. Download it and grab all these features at one place.

4. Indian Railway Train Status:

As the name states, this app is built to make you aware of the status of your train. Aside from knowing the train status, get ready to receive overall informations like the train timetable, available trains, and more. Extract all the required details in front of your eyes and plan as per your availablity. This is a full-fledged railway app helpful for commuting distances via trains.

5. Indian Railyways Train Enquiry:

People don't like to devote much time and efforts when it comes to booking train tickets. In such cases, it is best to reply on sources that offer required train timings omitting useless details. filled with essential features, this app can be used to calculate the fare and set alarms according to a train schedule. 

6. Rail Yatri: 

Download 'Rail Yatri' app to get everything related to a train journey includeing PNR status and platform number on your phone. It also offers the facility ot order food while traveling in a train. Behaving as a travel agent, this app will let you know about the required information before reaching your destination.

7. Ixigo:

Looking for a app connected with IRCTC? Go for Ixigo app. Access the app on your Android device, locate your exact position and inform your family members. One of the best features is setting alarm in the app. This way, you will be informed about your station via the app.


Travelling in a country like India is not that easy as it seems. You may need to go through crowded locations and tiring journeys. Also, booking tickets is a very cumbersome process. Overcoming that struggle, these apps can ease your efforts and help you book tickets in a hassle-free manner.

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