6 Kinds of People Who Benefit From Moving to the Caribbean

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Change is often necessary to achieve what you truly want in life. It helps to deviate from what you've always done and explore the new and exciting things that life's different highways have to offer. However, it's important to note that not all courageous changes can yield the results you want. 




For example, moving to a different country and starting anew does not always work out for everybody. One of the reasons may be that the country's culture is too difficult to adapt to. Another is that one’s physical condition simply does not agree with the weather. 

Making a Calculated Move

Still, there’s no reason to completely dismiss the possibility of making the move because of these reasons. Consider that it can be a decision that could bring about transformations in your way of life that you have always wanted. It would help to thoroughly study and explore the major change that you are seriously considering making.

Take a cue from the growing population of expats in the Caribbean. Studies reveal that their decision to acquire second citizenship to one of the island nations of the region is the result of previous experiences and carefully studying the provision. From this, they easily established that their goals, and the kind of people they are, make them compatible with island life. 

So, if you are thinking that the Caribbean life is what you need, study the opportunity well. To help you with this, here is a list of the kinds of people who usually benefit from moving to the West Indies. Perhaps, you’ll gain a better understanding of this opportunity and whether or not it’s truly the change that you need to make.

1. Entrepreneurs 

Small tropical islands that tourists often visit possess great potential for startups. It’s like the promised land for entrepreneurs who are looking for a new market to cater to. The business sector of the islands is not heavily saturated yet. It has yet to see innovative enterprise models. 

By moving to the island with the help of the dual citizenship program, entrepreneurs get to take advantage not only of such an ideal business climate, but also the convenience offered in launching a business venture for recognized citizens of the region.

2. Wealthy retirees

Well-heeled senior citizens are often a compatible match for life in the Caribbean as well. The fantastic weather is highly beneficial for their health. Additionally, the pace of life and high-quality food can likewise restore vigor to their days.

A lot of retirees who have decided to make the Caribbean their new home have also found that life on the islands offers them an abundance of new beginnings. With their financial stability, they can start the luxurious life that they have always wanted. 

On top of that, they can turn their hobbies into sources of income. Many of them are sailing enthusiasts and have built sailing schools or purchased yachts to offer tourists. Meanwhile, those who are avid art collectors own community art galleries that support the work of local artists and artisans.

3. Musicians

Lenny Kravitz is a perfect example of a musician who thrives in the Caribbean, and he's definitely not the only professional musician who enjoys life on the islands.

It's hard to keep your music from flourishing if you live in the West Indies because it’s ingrained in island life. Celebrations are strongly infused with music and generally, it’s a major part of the people’s  way of life. They make music as much as they consume it.

So, for musicians looking for an abundant space to grow their art, the Caribbean is a fantastic place to call home.

4. Minimalists

Minimalists are people whose idea of joy and fulfillment lie in the simple things. This is how most Caribbean people live. Typical life on the islands focuses on what nature has gifted its people. There's not much need for buying extravagant things because nothing can beat the accessible and natural luxury of the place.

A sun that shines 90 percent of the year, clear azure oceans, white sandy beaches, friendly locals, close-knit communities, delicious humble food straight out of farms and the ocean, festivals that everybody can participate in, warm and friendly relationships with the community — these are enough to bring minimalist folks in the islands immense happiness and contentment. For indeed, is there a need for a lot of possessions when you live in a place where everyone’s long-lasting joy is rooted in their community, culture, and the abundant provisions of nature?

5. Beach lovers

Beach lovers are people who see life on the island as their source of income, joy, and well-being. These are people whose feet automatically take them to the beach every day; they won't settle for any other kind of life.

For instance, professional athletes who play water sports, like surfers (the epitome of a beach lover), are among those who take advantage of the second citizenship programs of the Caribbean. It means they get to live near the beach, make their sport an even bigger source of income, and be active in the preservation of the place where they thrive best.

6. Chefs 

Caribbean cuisine may not be as celebrated as other cuisines yet, but over the years, it has gained considerable popularity. The flavors are fresh yet multilayered. It's no wonder famous chefs and gastronomes like Andrew Zimmern and the late Anthony Bourdain have raved so much about the food of the islands (even heralding Bake and Shark of Trinidad and Tobago, one of the best sandwiches in the world).

A lot of top chefs from different parts of the globe call the islands their second home. The Caribbean is an ideal training ground for them because they get to go head-to-head with amazing home cooking, which the region is known for, and of course, the world-class culinary arts upheld by cruise ships that come in and out of the area every day. 

A Decision to Make

Do you identify as one of these individuals? Do you share their idea of a good life or do you possess similar goals? If your answer is yes, then moving to the Caribbean may truly be for you. It would be a good idea to start exploring the second citizenship programs of the Caribbean region and looking for companies that assist people with them.

If you work with the Caribbean's dual citizenship specialists, you can expedite the process by easily meeting all of the requirements. In anywhere between 45 to 90 days, you may be granted your second passport and finally begin building the life that you have been dreaming of.


Kal Kennard is a Partner at Citizens International, a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship investment into the Caribbean, North America and Europe. Based in the Caribbean for the past 15 years, she is an experienced consultant who works directly with many professional partners and advises clients worldwide.