5 Popular Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist Because We’ve Destroyed Them

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Today the popularity of tourist attractions depends a lot on social networks. 50% of travelers reported that information and advertisements on the internet influenced their travel plans. But this growing popularity isn’t good for the attractions at all. And it’s not just because of garbage or graffiti on walls that are left by tourists. People can cause damage in different ways from simply breathing to intentional destruction.

Here are 5 Popular sights which were ruined by people for various reasons.

1. Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

© Roma Neus / Wikimedia Commons   © _Z2968ME / TripAdvisor  

This spot became popular among tourists after the movie The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio. At that point it was seeing around 5,000 people every day. So in June 2018, it was closed indefinitely for recovery.


2. Coral on Christmas Island, Australia

© National Geographic



3. Chacaltaya Glacier in Bolivia

  © Unknown / Wikimedia Commons   © Isabel Moreno Rivadeneira / Wikimedia Commons 

This glacier formed over 18,000 years ago and was one of the highest in South America. Since 1980, its area began to decline rapidly and in 2009 the glacier disappeared completely due to global warming.


4. Lake Poopó in Bolivia

© NASA / Wikimedia Commons   © NASA / Wikimedia Commons 


5. Pont des Arts in Paris

© Brigitte ALLIOT / Wikimedia Commons   © francofolle / instagram  

This famous bridge was so full of love locks that their total weight was about 45 tons. The government, fearing for the state of the Seine because of the number of keys thrown into it and puzzled by the possible collapse of the bridge, had to remove tens of thousands of locks and put glass panels up so that people could no longer lock their love there.

What do you think about people’s impact on these and other attractions? Do you see any ways to reduce it? Share your opinion in the comments.

Source: Brightside