5 Coolest Watersports for your Future Escapade Bucketlist

  • 2 months   ago

No matter what your favourite pastime is, you’ll be able to find a place to do it and a community built around it. With such glorious weather for the majority of the year and so many amazing waterways as well as access to the Arabian Sea, it should come as no surprise that watersports are thriving in Qatar. While it is not restricted to hit outdoors due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, you can include these 5 coolest watersports in Qatar in your future bucketlist.




We’ve put together a shortlist of what we consider to be the best and most accessible watersports in Qatar with a brief rundown of what makes them so great and how you can make sure you’re prepared to fully enjoy them next time.

Banana Boating

While not a watersport in the strictest sense, there aren’t many things in the world that bring the level of fun and sheer enjoyment as riding a banana boat with friends and family. Towed behind a speedboat through waves that toss you up and down and from side to side, it’s an adrenaline-fueled rush that can be enjoyed by the entire family. With the ever-changing seas coupled with the wake of the boat ahead of you no two rides will ever be quite the same, making this an activity you can enjoy time and again. There are countless places that offer this as a service in Qatar, including the appropriately named Banana Island Resort Doha, and the inclusive nature of the activity lowers the required equipment considerably. A lot of things will be provided by the company, meaning all you need to take is appropriate clothes and a fun-loving attitude.


Despite still being in its early stages as a watersport, kitesurfing is going from strength to strength especially in Qatar. With a growing reputation based around being a way of life not just a sport, the future of kitesurfing is looking bright. The company Qatar Water Sport has dedicated itself to bringing kitesurfing, and other watersports, to as many people as possible and runs a series of courses from beginner to a professional level to try and get more people involved. With a good instructor and a little patience, you can quickly find yourself with a new hobby and a new social group to enjoy it with. While kitesurfing has a reasonably high requirement when it comes to equipment, the majority of places offering this service to beginners will have everything necessary for you to start available to rent from wetsuits to the actual board.

Scuba Diving

With some of the most beautifully clear and richly inhabited water in the world, scuba diving in the Arabian Gulf off the coast of Qatar is a truly enlightening experience. There are a number of diving schools that can help to introduce you to the amazing underwater world that scuba diving opens up. Exploring what the water has to offer from beneath the waves is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the water in the world and will help open your eyes to what goes on under the water. Qatari diving schools will offer a variety of equipment for rent and purchase depending on your needs, so dress appropriately and be ready to get changed when you arrive.


As with a lot of the options in this list, there are a number of places and companies that offer parasailing as a service. Much like banana boats, parasailing has you being towed behind a boat at high speeds, however this time you’re not on the water you’re gliding above it. A novel approach to enjoying the water and the beach. Parasailing gives you the thrill of travelling at high speeds across the water while also providing you with a new perspective from which to view the beach and sea scenes that you’ve enjoyed before. One of the activities that really needs to be experienced at least once, parasailing in Qatar is something you can’t afford to miss. 


With a bit of a slower pace than a lot of the entries on this list, kayaking is an ideal way to spend a relaxing time on the water. Allowing you to explore at your own pace and view wildlife in its own environment, you can’t go wrong with a trip through the natural reserve of Al Thakira by kayak. Working your way through to mangroves and down the waterways will show you a side of Qatar that’s rarely seen by most while also giving you a moderate workout and a whole set of great stories to tell. Dress sensibly in clothes that you don’t mind getting wet, the aim is to stay out of the water but you never know what’s going to happen.

While there are countless more watersports to take part in when you’re in Qatar in the future, this list should give you a quick rundown of some of the more popular and enjoyable ways to make the most of being in the country next time. One of the most important ways to make sure that you do enjoy your entire experience is to ensure that you have the right clothing and equipment for whatever activity you decide to engage in. Wearing appropriate clothing for people who are in or around the water is key so make sure you get the correct advice and plan an outfit accordingly.