Youtuber Puts iPhone X In A Blender Then Drinks The Juice

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Each day we stray further from God's light - and this is at least partly down to YouTube. Take, for example, this recent offering from YouTuber TechRax, who blends an iPhone X, adds some water and drinks it. And you thought the Tide Pod Challenge was as bad as it was going to get this year, eh?

YouTuber TechRax enjoys completely destroying expensive smartphones on his channel and has since posted such videos as 'what happens if you taser an iPhone 6 Plus', 'don't pour instant hot jellyfish liquid on iPhone X' and 'Samsung Galaxy Note 9 hammer and knife test - will it explode?'


It seems like people can't get enough of it, as he has over six million followers.

In his latest video he chucks the iPhone X, which comes with a hefty £999 price tag, into a blender - creating the most expensive apple juice ever (I am so sorry).

He begins the video by showing his followers that the new phone is brand spanking new with absolutely no scratches or marks... well, until it meets the turbo blender, obviously.

In the clip he says: "What I'm going to do today is throw this iPhone X in a blender, shred it up to little pieces, mix it with water in the little container, and try and filter the water."

And as you can see, in just a few seconds, he has a completely destroyed an iPhone X. Perfect.

He collects up part of the debris, including the camera, into a bowl where he mixes it with water and creates the exact type of greyish, bubbling liquid that every part of your being tells you not to drink. Then he drinks it. Albeit through a LifeStraw, a smart filtration device that makes water drinkable.

Despite the filter, he can't quite stomach it and eventually spits out the liquid. Fair play to the straw, the water does look pretty clear, but TechRax says it left a 'metallic aftertaste' in his mouth. Well, yeah mate, you've just tried to drink an iPhone. What did you expect?

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