How to Remove Your IP Address from the Hotmail/Outlook’s Blacklist

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Remove Your IP Address from the Hotmail/Outlook’s Blacklist

Sometimes we note that our email does not reach to the recipient and same time a reply message is reflected with an error message through a recipient domain. This error means our mail rejected by Hotmail for policy reasons. Recipient email domain says as a form of error that your domain or IP is blacklisted. That is a big problem for mail senders or a mail admin. Now, a question is rise that how to delisted our IP or domain from a blacklist of Hotmail/outlook. We are telling some tips below about the delisted your IP from mailbox providers by which you can take help to remove IP from the blacklist.


General Reasons of IP blacklist

The main reason for IP blacklist is IP reputation level. If IP or mailers domain reputation level goes very down than our IP is blacklisted automatically for mailbox providers. But your IP level of reputation is high then you are delisted automatically. Other than this reputation matter, some common reasons are available which could be blacklisting your IP for the mailbox providers. Here given below some common fact –


1. The reputation of Domain or IP for a mailbox provider is very bad

2. Continue increase number of spam emails from an IP address

3. If any IP address or domain have a high bounce rate

4. DNS setting is not configured properly

5. Hotmail user do reports of spam for a particular IP or domain 


Before the use of blacklist removal


It is necessary to find out before use of a blacklist removal that what is the main blacklist reason for your IP? so first you understand and fix the problem of blacklisting. When stopping your behavior and you fix the reason like DNS configuration, the High volume of spam and bounce rate of your IP or a domain that triggered the blacklist addition Your IP. After that, you fix the problem or reason than Hotmail could usually remove your IP address automatically from the blacklist. But if you send again and again more removal requests for Hotmail without fixing the problem of blacklist then your listed case is submitted for an advance screening test. So, firstly fix the problem of the blacklist.


Investigate process to check the blacklist


Now generate a question that how to investigate that our IP is blacklisted so for this process we help some tools or websites which tell us that you’re IP is in this blacklist. Some tools are available online for investigating like, Microsoft smart network data services, Glock app bounce monitor and other tools are available also which help you to check your IP blacklist problems. These tools tell us that what is the reputation of our IP or domain, what is the rate of bounce and tell us what is the volume of spam emails? After checking this data you could be sure for troubleshoot the blacklist reason.


Removal troubleshooting from the blacklist


Here some steps for troubleshooting the problem of the blacklist. Before contacting for help you must investigate the issue of blacklist according to the above process and fix the reason that had reached the IP or domain blacklisting. Also, check these 


1. Daily sent email volume for Hotmail

2. Malicious activity from your IP

3. Check your Sender Score that is over 75, prefer 80.

4. Continue forwarding email to Hotmail

5. Check those DNS settings are actually correct.


Now you can start the removal process. The removal process is very easy through complete the removal from and provides all the information. If you provide complete and truthful information about IP, you will see your IP automatically removed from the Hotmail blacklist in 2-3 business days. You can visit also the Microsoft troubleshooting page.