How to Bypass Google Account Lock from Android Smartphone

  • 2 years   ago
How to Bypass Google Account Lock from Android Smartphone

What is FRP Lock?

FRP is actually a factory reset protection, that prevent user from accessing to its private data, this is very great feature, for example if you lost your device, and someone got your device and so he can't access to your device data until he enter the previously synched Gmail account, whether he hard reset your device but he won't be able to access it because your device has frp lock, and this frp lock won’t let that person to access it until he bypasses it.

But if you own your device, and you hard reset it, and then you forgot your Gmail account, so you will get your device frp lock on your own, or many people they can't afford new device, so that is why they go with used android devices, so surely all used android device has previously synced Gmail account, and if you hard reset your used handset, so you will have to enter previously synced account, and you can't access it now. So question is how you will unlock frp from your device in this case?

How to bypass FRP Lock?

Answer is prety simple, we have to search out frp bypass methods from techeligible website, and this is one the best website, which provides very helpful frp bypass methods of various android devices, Visit this site by click here

Once you access to, you only need to find frp bypass method from top search bar of the techeligile site, just type your android model no and then visit that article and follow all instructions very carefully.

In case if you could not find your frp method?

Then you have to follow frp methods just by matching your device android version, and brand name, most the frp method when we find only by matching android version + brand name.

Main point is, you have to access your device chrome browser, and once you access there, you can easily bypass Google account simply by downloading frp bypass apk apps, and then install them in your device, in Android 8 and Android 7 versions devices, we need to get help from talkback feature, and then bypass frp, and in android 6 and 5 versions, we can easily bypass frp simply installing "Google Account Manager" applications.