Features to be included in the ticket booking apps

  • 1 year ago
Features to be included in the ticket booking apps

There is no denying that the on-demand apps are ruling the world in a more convenient manner. And this is the reason, the number of mobile apps is increasing fast. Due to the comfort and convenience clad in such apps, many businesses are also opting the idea for the same.

Not just businesses even startups are also inclining towards launching their ticket booking apps for the users. That is why, customers are no longer required to line up in queues in order to book the ticket, be it the traveling one or booking for the movie. Mobile apps are capable of doing everything at once. 


Due to comfort, easy passage along with a seamless experience, there is a remarkable rise in the ticket booking apps. Moreover, according to Statista, the revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 3.8%, resulting in a market volume of US$119,867m by 2023.


Before jumping directly to the features which are required to be included in the ticket booking apps, we should first know the scope of the online booking businesses.

Here are just of the aspects which you can include in your apps in order to get better ROI and great success in the market.

  • Booking movie tickets
  • Booking events and concerts tickets
  • Booking tickets for a sports event
  • Seminar passes
  • Booking tickets for plays and theatres.
  • Booking appointments with doctors
  • Tour bookings
  • Restaurants and hotel booking
  • Home delivery services

These are a few of the online scopes among many. Since the process is required to be just apt and absolutely flawless according to the needs of the users. Therefore if you are willing to develop an app for your business, it is important to hire a reliable mobile app building company.

As buying tickets is a two-way process, hence we are categorizing it in two ways in order to let you understand the concept in a better way.

User panel features

For the user panel, things should be perfectly placed so that users can access the features in an easier way. This is the reason, the app development company usually focuses on making the app user-friendly along with giving seamless experience,

Let’s figure out what should be included in the user panel features list:

  • Registration- Registration is the most important thing from where app users can register their details like- name, mobile number, country, gender, etc
  • Log-in - after the successful completion of the registration process, the user can go ahead with the log credentials like password or id
  • Location- in order to make your app work according to your needs and requirements along with zone, the location should be the must-have feature. Through location, users can fill up their location either manually or through GPS.
  • Home screen- home screen is like the reflection of the outside things happening inside the phone screen. Through the home screen, the user can check out the ongoing and upcoming shows categorized as- movies, sports, events, plays, etc.
  • Show listing- through show listing, users can easily check out features such as show name, category, language, etc.
  • Show detail- after booking the shows and other events, users can simply check out the show detail, banner image, ratings, etc
  • Booking screen-with it, the users can check out the whole order summary like show name, payment details, time, location, etc.
  • Rate- the users can also give  a rating to the movies or shows they have seen. 
  • Real-time booking, age verification, loyalty points, booking confirmation, option for printing the ticket, multi-lingual, these are additional points which are supposed to be more support and comfort to the users while booking.

Now, it’s time to check out the features required on the admin panel side

Features on admin panel

  • Login- first step towards the process of the log-in process. From here the admin of the page can log using the login credentials
  • Dashboard- things can only be reverted back in a proper manner when one is having the correct details of the ongoing process. Hence, through Dashboard, admin can find out all the activities going on the app.
  • Manage users- from here, the admin manages app users and their activities along with finding the active users or new users in the app
  •  Managing shows- at this point, admin carries the ability to go ahead with a view of the list of the shows apart from filtering the show category.
  • Managing venues- for offering a seamless experience to the users, admins are required to manage the venues of the shows, movies, price, location, etc in a precise way.
  • Booking manager- at this point, admin can easily manage to check out all the listed bookings. 
  • Managing earnings- admins are also responsible to manage the earnings and other stuff effectively. He can view the entire earrings along with viewing, editing and adding the percentage of the commission
  • Managing profile- admins can and are responsible to manage the user’s data along with adding, editing, canceling the user data according to the situation.
  • Push notifications- with it, admins can simply send the push notification regarding new offers, discount,promos, etc
  • Scanning tickets- with it, admins can scan the QR code in order to get the detailed information of the user’s booking database.

These are the admin panel side features that are also required to be added into the ticket booking app. In order to get the best app for your business, you need to find the app development company. But the process is itself incomplete, hence you should be aware of how to finalize an app development company in order to get better clarity before hiring the one.

Meanwhile, if you are not bound with some sort of budget then you can simply go ahead with more advanced features to your app. Figure out some of the advanced features, if you are willing to go ahead with the same.

Advanced features to be added

  • Calendar-the calendar can be quite useful for the users, with it, customers can easily customize their date and day of the shows along with keeping track of their schedule.
  • Google map integration- this feature will let users bridge the gap between source and destination as they can be able to find the exact location along with optimizing routes. There are more advantages of the same which can be experienced by the users once it gets integrated into the app.
  •  Search- this is not a simple search, the feature is called smart search. With it, users can be given suggestion based on their history and nearby options available. Make sure to include this feature in your app.
  • Currencies support- target local people and the local audience is not enough, in order to get a good presence worldwide and better ROI, it is important to target the audience living out the boundary. Offer users multiple-language options along with different kinds of currencies support.
  • Support- though quite simple yet the most powerful tool, support is the most important feature to be added into the app.
  • Cloud storage integration- booking apps are filled with user data, integrating the data with cloud storage can simply help in storing the data securely.

These are the points that are the most important features to be included in the ticket booking app in order to let users enjoy a seamless and smooth experience. 

But, the idea of the app is not enough, choosing the best mobile app making company is also the key thumb role, make sure before hiring one, you are done with their background checks along with other required research.