Ever Wondered Why Some Phones have Plastic Body while Some Have Glass?

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How do you distinguish between Galaxy Note 9 and a Poco F1? Of course, by their looks. Without the distinctive outer shell, they are just a bunch of boring circuits and chips. The body is what gives the phone its identity.

For most of us, we need our phones to make a statement, and its looks play a big part in it. Not only to eyes but it should feel good enough to hold too. Phone makers go the extra mile and frequently try out new materials to make their product distinct. Apart from looking good, they should be feasible for production and have the other essential qualities.

Keep reading to know which smartphone material is best for you.


The glass body.

Glass got introduced as a material for phone body, back with iPhone 4 and the Nexus. They aren't entirely glass, but there are plenty of phones with full glass backs complimenting the full glass front. They have a greater aesthetic appeal. However, this eye-candy material is fragile. The screen and the back too are prone to breakage. Protecting them comes at a price. Having an ultra-clear low-expansion composite like Gorilla Glass increases the final price of the device and hence, glass body phones usually belong to the higher end.

Pros of the glass body.

Despite being dense, glass offers great RF transmission.  They have a nice aesthetic appeal when taken in hand and reflect a sense of being premium.

Cons of the glass body.

If you are the kind who drops the phone too often, it's better to stay away from the glass body phones. You have a high chance of breaking your glass phone. They are the most prone to scratches and the slippery texture glass possesses, only makes the matter worse.

The metal body.

Many phones are out there made of real metal while some use a metal band or a faux-metal finish over plastic trim. Having metal in the shell (which is mostly aluminium) gives the phone light and thin silhouette. And, who does not love the light and thin objects?

Seeing an aluminium phone polished or anodised with a crisp finish, it's easy to associate it with high-quality. But that does not always mean durability.

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