5 Best Android Apps That Are not Available on Google Play Store

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Best Android Apps, apps are not google play store
Best Android Apps

According to theverge, there are over 2 billion monthly active android devices around the world. It will provide pretty good idea about how android phones rule the smartphone market. They are popular for their android operating system which can be customized the way we want to. However, in-built play stories something what every user wants to have on their devices because of ease of android apps availability. Apart from that, it provides smooth interface with continuously launching newer version of operating system ie, Android Pie.


Though there are around 3.3 million apps available on google play store, there exists variety of android apps which are not available on google play store. Why aren't they allowed on play store in first place? That is the obious question which should artive in your mind. it is because that need to do something with security or android operating system. And, most of them will require root access granted. However, these android apps are very useful and can do what apps on play store can't. Let's discuss about such 5 best android app outside google play store.

List of 5 Best Android Apps not on Google Play store:

1. MiXplorer:

File manager is a necessity for any Android device. It is the app from where you can access each and everything stored on device including pictures, music, files, apps, videos etc. It has advance features of compressing and extracting many different file formats. MiXPlorer can also be connected with cloud storage vervices.

2. Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher is another amazing app which is not available on play store. It is the app which deals with installed android operating system and patch app's premium features. You and literally do anything with particular app. It is widely popular for hacking android games. You can unlock limited gems, coins, weapons and many premium features.

3. Terrarium TV: 

When it comes to watching tv series and movies, first thing one can have is Netflix. But everyone can not afford purchasing Netflix premium subscription. In this particular case, Terrarium TV can be boon to those who loves watching movies and web series. This app provides watching movies and tv series online without any cost.


This app is specifically for those who hates irritating advertisements appearing on various android apps. As name suggest, it completely removes ads from apps. It removes all ads including banner ads showing on free apps or YouTube apps. Uer interface of adskip app is really amazing. It words for both android apps and web browers.

5. Tubemate:

Tubemate is widely popular app for watching and downloading YouTube videos. It provides options for downloading videos from YouTube without pasting any video url. You will have variety video quality options for downloading. The amazing features about Tubemate is that you can also extract mp3 from videos. It will be easily available on Google. 

Using all such apps which aren't available on play store, you can do customization of your smartphones. Patch your favorite android games and score higher.

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