Make Money By Selling Your Stuff Online

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Everyone knows eBay is normally the “go to” website for selling your unwanted possessions, but there are alternatives out there. Here are two recommendations from Dr Piggy Bank…


Decluttr is becoming more and more popular for sellers to sell unwanted goods. Whether it is unworn clothes or DVDs, you should give them a try.

To get started, register an account either through the app or on their website.  They have a cool evaluation engine which allows you to quickly scan your product using the bar code, or if you have electronics for example, simply enter the make and model. They will then offer a price right away. If you agree to their offer, they will provide you with a shipping label to allow you to box everything up and ship to them free of charge. It’s really that simple!

People see Decluttr as a perfect alternative to eBay because you don’t have to wait on an offer that may never come. Make sure you use a referral code, as Decluttr will provide you with a $5 joining bonus. To get this bonus, you need to make sure that your first sales price is greater than $15.

After you have been paid for your goods, you will be provided with your own code. You can then share this for an extra $5 when people sign up with your code. An easy way to make some money!


Poshmark is another alternative if you are looking to sell unwanted fashion items. They say that there are 5,000 brands bought and sold, which makes it a great site to try out.

To get started, all you need to do is to take a few minutes to register a Poshmark account. This can be done with an email address or a social profile such as Facebook.

Once confirmed, you can begin to list items by simply uploading a photo and an accompanying description, with a price. When a sale is agreed, Poshmark will then send you a shipping label with the buyer’s address for you to send the item.

Fees are low to use Poshmark compared to eBay. Your sales proceeds will be paid minus commission (just $2.95 for orders below $15). You can then receive payment in the form of credit to spend on Poshmark or as a deposit or check depending on what you prefer.

Let us know about your experience with both Decluttr and Poshmark by getting in contact. For more places to sell your unwanted goods, check out

Source: Dr Piggy Bank