You Can Use These Thesis Topics for Environmental Science

  • 3 years   ago

Environment has always been an important topic for every scientist. Humans can't escape the environment and therefore, for centuries in human history, they have always struggled to align themselves with the environment. In recent years, environmental science has really dominated the topic of global scientific discussion and this is triggered by the rise in global temperatures that are faster than in previous decades. Thesis as one of the prerequisites in graduating master program is now more directed at how humans synergize with the environment. Thesis topics for environmental science are now very popular.

This article will discuss about some potential topics that can be used as thesis theme. The topics will be described as follows:

Can global warming be reduced by our actions?

This is one of the most "hot" topics and contrary to most people's assumption, global warming can be reduced by taking certain steps. Of course globally. In navigating this topic you may need to consider some of the opposite arguments commonly made by some oil companies. They often claim that the issue of global warming is a cheap issue that was deliberately designed to attack them.

Prevention of nuclear waste

Some nuclear industries are not completely safe and can threaten millions of lives. This is one of the main issues that sparked massive protests from various nuclear opponents groups. You certainly still remember the Chernobyl tragedy that caused massive loss and also made a city into a dead city to this day. However, each party should realize that nuclear waste has a very long half-life and of course as long as they are active, they remain dangerous to humans.

The influence of algae on global warming

Algae is no longer a kind of trivial plant because some recent research reveals the fact that most human-derived algae can reduce global warming. Surely this is an exciting and much-needed topic in real life. Algae reduce global warming by reducing the level of carbon dioxide in the air we breathe every single day.

Fattening poultry

We must be aware that the poultry we eat has been inseparable from synthetic chemicals. These chemicals are used as a mixture of poultry feed that aims to make them fatter. The accumulation of chemicals in poultry meat will settle in our body when we eat the meat. If this goes on for a long time then over time our bodies will be full of "intake" of synthetic chemicals that at one time can be a source of certain diseases such as cancer.

The influence of deserts on rainfall

Scientists have found that deserts are responsible for rising rainfall in some areas and as descent increases (albeit on a very small scale), rainfall in some of the surrounding areas is also increasing. Several studies have been conducted in North Africa regarding extreme climate change in the region.

Some of the above topics are potential topics that can make your thesis stand out among other theses. We hope this article will help you in finding inspiration in preparing your thesis.