Scientists Successfully Grow Sheep In Artificial Womb, Now They Want Humans To Be Next

  • 3 years   ago

This invention could also help women who are unable to carry children. If, for example, a woman has cancer, she cannot have chemotherapy without posing a risk to her unborn child, but the bio bag could enable her to not only keep her child but get the treatment she needs.


Alan Flake, a fetal surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and lead author on the study which was published by the journal Nature Communications, however, has warned people not to get ahead of themselves when it comes to getting excited about the bio bag. This is because is it entirely outwith the realm of possibility to use the bio bag to grow a child from conception onwards.

“It’s complete science fiction to think that you can take an embryo and get it through the early developmental process and put it on our machine without the mother being the critical element there,” he said of the ability of the bio bag to act as a replacement womb.

The diagram below demonstrates how this incredible device works:

After all, the bio bag was never designed to replace the womb, but to offer babies an alternative way to continue developing if they are born prematurely and increase their odds of survival, Flake added, although it does contain the same key components.

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