Scientists say 'fatbergs' are gross, but not a health hazard

  • 5 months   ago
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A fatberg, while not terribly pleasant and a big headache for sanitation workers, is not a health or environmental hazard, scientists have found.

An analysis of a giant fatberg longer than the height of the Tower of Pisa found in sewers in western England reveals it to have been comprised of cooking fats, hygiene products and a few random items including false teeth.

University of Exeter scientists said Friday there were no detectible levels of toxic chemicals in the fatberg, which filled 36 tanker loads when it was removed from underneath the seaside town of Sidmouth.


Professor John Love said the team was "rather surprised to find that this Sidmouth fatberg was simply a lump of fat aggregated with wet wipes, sanitary towels and other household products that really should be put in the bin and not down the toilet.”