Scientists Found That It Is Mathematically Possible to Travel in Time!

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A recent study has shown that time travel is mathematically possible. Even though time travel has only been possible in popular books and movies, a scientist has proven that there is more to time travel than what we once thought.

A physics and mathematics instructor at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus, Ben Tippett, has concluded that time travel is mathematically possible.


He has actually created a new, revolutionary model that shows time travel is possible. Although it seems to work mathematically, scientists have yet to discover the ‘proper’ materials to create a working ‘time machine’.

The study was published in the IOPscience Journal Classical and Quantum Gravity: They presented geometry designed to fit a layperson’s description of a ‘time machine’. Moreover, it is actually a box that allows those within it to travel forwards and backwards through space as well as time.

The analysis involves a description of our space-time’s causal structure and a discussion of its physicality. Timelike observers travel in a ‘bubble’ of geometry that moves along a circular, acausal trajectory through space-time. Furthermore, the space-time geometry requires exotic matter, is geodesically incomplete, and possesses naked singularities.

Additionally, Tippett notes that people view time travel as fiction, and they believe it is impossible since they do not do it. However, it is mathematically possible.

Based on Einstein’s theory, Tippett points out that space-time’s curvature plays a role in the planets’ curved orbits in the universe.

In case space-time wasn’t ‘curved,’ then planets in the universe would travel in a straight line.

What’s more, time will move slower, if you get closer to a black hole. Tippett’s time machine model bends time into a circle for the passengers with the curved space-time. This may take you back in time.

In fact, he built a mathematical model known as TARDIS (Traversable Acausal Retrograde Domain in Space-time.)  It is a bubble of space-time geometry that may carry contents forth and back through space. It moves through space-time at a speed higher compared to the speed of light times 8 that consequently leaves it to travel back in time.

Even though Tippett claims that it is mathematically possible to travel in time, he is not sure if someone is able to create a working time machine in the future. In short, although it’s mathematically feasible, it is impossible to create a space-time machine since we need the right materials to bend space-time in these ways.

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