Support your fasting friends during Ramadan

  • 3 years   ago
Support your fasting friends during Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan has arrived, Muslims around the world fast this month and increases their spiritualism and devotion. There are a number of celebrations that goes on for the entire month organized by different government organizations.

We are presenting a few guidelines here so that people who are not fasting can have a better understanding of do’s and don’ts for this month.


1.  In the Gulf countries probably you will get a shorter office working hour in both public and private sector companies, it is advisable to check the work timings for banks, government hospitals and government offices before visiting. Mostly businesses and offices closes their operations in the early afternoon and reopens in the late evenings.

2. This blessed month also witnesses crazy traffic congestion in the evenings, it is advisable to avoid unnecessary trips in the evenings from sunset till 8:00 pm.

3. It is not legal to eat or drink publicly in Qatar specially during Ramadan and so most of the restaurants and eateries are closed during day hours, it is better to find a take away venue for your lunch.

4. You can get an opportunity to fulfill your charity dreams, people can prepare small snack packets and can donate them to the laborers and other low income groups and witness the smile on their face while receiving these small gifts.

5. Enjoy the local celebrations held during the holy month like Garangao and several other events and get the real feel of Qatar community.

6. Try pleasing your taste buds by enjoying Middle Eastern delicacies like Lamn ouzi, you can also try Ramadan tent buffet in the dinner timings. You can also join your Muslim friends for Iftar.

Ramadan is known to be a time of reflection and celebration, for non-muslims it is a time of compassion and tolerance so be compassionate with those who are fasting and support them.