Resolutions for this year's Ramadan

  • 4 years   ago
Resolutions for this year's Ramadan

Ramadan, the blessed month in the Islamic calendar is a time when many people want to bring a change into their lives and makes resolutions. There is so much a person can change about himself and by extension about the society we live in during Ramadhan.


You may be familiar with New Year’s Resolutions, well, let’s make ‘Ramadan Resolutions’ a thing as well. Let’s vow to make positive changes in our lifestyles, which will not only make us physically sound but also mentally and intellectually. Here are a few resolutions that we suggest: 

1. Diet

Ramadan is a month of training yourself in self-control and bring discipline in oneself. Fasting for the entire day in no way means that you would let go of yourself at Iftaar or Suhoor and stuff yourself with whatever has been put on the table. NO. Ramadan teaches us to self-regulate, eat only what is necessary, let go of the gluttony. Eat healthy and eat what is necessary. 

2. Exercise

Many people think that it is contraindicative to exercise during Ramadhan. They couldn’t be more wrong. We’d argue that Ramadan is the time when anyone who is thinking about taking physical exercise should begin, it is the perfect time of the year. Now we’re are not suggesting that you go into the gym and pump iron in the middle of the day while you are fasting. Instead again balance your routine, you surely can take some time to go on a walk or take your bicycle out for a spin after Iftaar. 

3. Charity Work

Doing charity work or donating to the needy is one of the central elements of Ramadan. Ramadan is all about piety and helping each other in whatever way possible. Doing charity work is like detoxification for the soul, there is a strange calmness that you’d feel after doing this kind of work. Mental peace is what you will get in return for the selfless charity and again the important thing is that charity work must not be made a Ramadan centric activity, we must endeavour to aid the charities throughout the year, since needs are not seasonal. 

4. Read

There are very little distractions in Ramadan. This is the perfect time for you to broaden your horizons. It is time to learn about new things, pick that book which you have been planning to read, but have had no time due to the busy schedule. Thanks to the curtailed work hours in Qatar during Ramadan, you can now give time to some of your intellectual proclivities. 

5 Learn something:  

If you are more action oriented than pursuing bookish knowledge. It is time to work on some of those DIY projects, or recipes, or perhaps learn a new language. Try your hand at carpentry, build a table, a chair etc. or experiment with some culinary methods. 

6. Host an Iftaar gathering: 

Feeding a fasting person at the time of Iftaar is one of the many ways of earning reward. Since it is summer and Ramadan, most of the outing activities are too exerting, however, you can always host an iftaar gathering for your friends and colleagues at your house and break your fast in the spiritually rejuvenating aura of camaraderie and brotherhood. Or you could also host an Iftaar gathering at your local mosque and help hundreds of strangers to break their fast. 

7. Give up reckless spending: 

One of the many travesties of the world we live in today is that while some people don’t have enough resources to make ends meet, there are others who go on a reckless spending spree and continue to buy stuff that they don’t even need. If you have any bad spending habits, Ramadan is the perfect time to put an end to this menace, for example, if you are a smoker, there isn’t any better time than Ramadan to kick this bad habit away, not only is it burning a hole in your pockets, but it is also seriously hurting your health. 

Leave your resolutions for us to share in the comments below! Ramadan Kareem.