Ramadhan-the month of blessings, change and tolerance

  • 4 years   ago

Eating in public:


Although, non-Muslims are not expected or meant to fast, but eating, drinking, or smoking in public during Ramadhan in Qatar will be considered very offensive to say the least. Out of respect for fellow co-workers, workplaces generally observe a non-eating, drinking and smoking policy in any open areas. Workplaces in Qatar make special arrangements for their non-Muslim staff members to have their food without offending their colleagues who are fasting. Separate pantries or closed spaces for consuming food are some of the arrangements that work places make during Ramadhan.

No alcohol for anyone: 

Although it is well-known that Muslims aren’t allowed to drink alcohol, but in the month of Ramadhan Qatar becomes a dry-state and sale of alcohol comes to a grinding halt for an entire month. To cope up with this non-Muslims buy alcohol from Qatar Distribution Co., the only place legally allowed to sell alcohol to residents in Qatar stock up alcohol well-before Ramadhan begins.

The Month of Charity: 

Donating to charity is encouraged in Islam regardless of the time of the year, however, during the month of Ramadhan almost every Muslim who has anything to spare donates it to charity. Ramadhan brings out the best out of people, people can be seen looking for a chance to help each other out. It is amazing to see how people overlook each other’s trespasses during Ramadhan and instead look to accommodate each other’s idiosyncrasies. 

Fun activities: 

The night life is abuzz with activities in Qatar during Ramadhan. The Katara Cultural Village hosts a Ramadan Festival each year with a series of events, exhibitions, workshops and lectures running the entire month and a Garangao event. Similarly, the Aspire Zone hosts a Ramadan Sports Festival to keep sports enthusiasts engaged. Ramadhan in Qatar is not about cracking down on all the fun activities, instead the experience is lively with so many activities, however, one has to be absolutely sure that he/she isn’t being offensive or insensitive to anyone during Ramadhan.