Ramadhan-the month of blessings, change and tolerance

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Ramadhan-the month of blessings, change and tolerance

The Holy and blessed month of Ramadhan is almost here and we all know that means in Qatar. A lot things change in Qatar during thing this month. Correction: Not only things and routines, even people change during this month. Today, we bring you a beginner’s guide for Ramadhan in Qatar. 


The Moon Sighting: 

Events in the Islamic calendar or basically the number of days in a month (29 or 30) in Islamic calendar depends on the sighting of the new crescent. Before the Holy Month of Ramadhan is officially announced to have begun, moon sighting committees, in case of Qatar the Islamic Affairs Ministry, actively search for the new crescent and this year the date is most likely to be May 26th. If the moon is sighted on Friday after sunset, then people will have this first Suhoor meal before dawn breaks on Saturday to mark the first fasting day of Ramadhan 2017. 

Routines Change: 

During Ramadhan, the working hours in Qatar are by law required to shorter. The Govt. offices during Ramadhan function from 9 am to 2 pm on the working days and employees of the private sector work for an average of 6 hours per day. The timings of the schools are also changed to 5 hours per day. Furthermore, most people prefer to stay indoors during the day and the markets become lively after people have broken their fasts with the Iftar meal. 

People Change: 

The Holy Month of Ramadhan represents a new beginning for a lot of people. Many people take advantage of the fasting and give up bad habits such as smoking, others pledge to live a healthier lifestyle by capping their food consumption. Ramadhan is also a time when many people look to mend fences and rekindle old friendships and let go of grudges. 

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