Guidelines for Ramadan 2018

  • 3 years   ago
Guidelines for Ramadan 2018

The holy month of Ramadan is starting and Muslims from all over the world will be observing fast from sunrise till sunset. This blessed month enhances Muslim’s spiritual awareness, reminds them of their duties towards the needy community, strengthens the worshiper’s connection with Allah, increases faith asking God for mercy and forgiveness.


Here we have compiled a list of guidelines for the people that includes basic rules and regulations during the holy month


Eat Right and Exercise Fasting with right healthy and nutritious food helps in maintaining good health, it provides a boost to the immune system. Exercising while fasting can boost the weight loss for those looking for the same. Even a short walk early morning or in the evening is highly effective in raising your energy levels and helps in digesting food.

Enjoy the discounts and other events going on in your community Hypermarkets and other grocery stores provides good discounts and customers can avail them across Qatar. Ramadan is considered to be a very special month for the Muslims and a number of cultural events are organized across the country like Garangao, that is a kids party celebration on 14th night of Ramadan to mark half month’s passing.

Modest dressing to show your respect Expats are encouraged to dress modestly specially in the month of Ramadan to show their respect towards Qatari culture and keeping in mind the holy month.

Office Working Hours Working hours of many government offices and private offices are changed in Ramadan, so it is always good to check the official timings if you plan to visit a bank or other place.


Avoid eating in public It is advisable to respect others and avoid eating, drinking and smoking in public from sunrise to sunset. Those who are not fasting can eat their lunch in the private spaces provided by their offices.

Avoid loud music and being intoxicated in Public If you are a music enthusiast, It is advisable to use headphones and to avoid loud music in public. Singing, dancing or being intoxicated in public is punishable by law. 

Avoid Public display of affection Be careful to follow the rule that public display of affection is forbidden and specially during the holy month its better to abstain from.

Ramadan is a month of devotion and tolerance. Days and Nights in the month of Ramadan are considered very precious so the time should be utilized in fruitful acts in-spite of wasting time in gossiping, quarreling, cursing or any form of speech that is not needed