5 People who are allowed to skip fasting during Ramadan

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Fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan is obligatory upon all healthy and adult Muslims. We do know that leaving a fast, without a reason, is a great sin. People often question that what the reasons are upon which it is okay not to make a fast.

There are some valid reasons when a person is excused from fasting. Here is a list of those 4 people who can skip fasts in the month of Ramadan


1-Woman during her menstrual cycle: A woman who is going through her monthly menstrual cycle is excused from fasting. She can count how many fasts did she skip and can keep them later.

Moreover, those women who have delivered a child and are going through post-delivery bleeding are excused from fasting. However, delaying ablution just for the sake of not fasting is like playing with the shariah laws.

Women know well when their cycle has finished and thereby it is mandatory for them to perform ablution and keep a fast. If a woman is done with her menses just five minutes before the prayer of Fajr, it is obligatory for her to keep the fast of that day.

2-Traveling people or passengers:  Those men and women who are traveling, it is upon them to fast or not to fast. You shall see that if your fast is causing hardship for you or complicating your health. In such a case one shall skip the fast and keep one in compensation after Ramadan.

Travelling is also of a different kind these days. If you are traveling in an air-conditioned car for few hours, then that is certainly not going to disturb your fast. You know better if you shall fast or not.

The Prophet PBUH said that it is not righteous for you to fast while traveling. If your traveling is easy, go ahead and keep a fast. A question arises, what is the minimum distance of traveling which exempts a Muslim from fasting?

03-Temporary Sickness: Your common sense tells you if you shall fast or not. If you have a cut on a finger, that is no excuse for not fasting. Yet if you have a high fever and need medicine and liquid timely, you shall skip the fast.

You know that what type of sickness does not allow fasting. In cases you are not sure: you may keep a fast and if you can hold your fast it is better and if cannot break it as Allah knows the best and He is merciful.

Moreover, it is better to consult a Muslim doctor. He shall guide you through the diet and shall alter the dosage as he knows the importance of Fast. Once again, you need to fast in compensation of the number of fasts you have left.

04-Permanently sick and elderly: There are people who are permanently sick and cannot fast such as people who have a severe form of diabetes and need to eat every 4-5 hours. As fast can prove fatal for his life, he is excused from fasting.

Elderly people who are weak and cannot fast shall not fast. Such people can give away fidiyah against their skipped fasts.

05-Pregnant women and women breastfeeding their kids: Even this category has certainly raised questions, yet to generalize things those women who are healthy and can keep a fast during their pregnancy or breastfeeding shall keep a fast.

If a woman starts to feel weak and faint, she shall not keep a fast. Also if the doctor does not allow her to do so keeping in view her health and that of the child, she can skip her fast. Once again, you need to fast in compensation of the number of fasts you have left.

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