Unwind in Nature's Lap at 6 Most Peaceful Places in the World

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Let's face it, as we start to grow up; we become more tired of the world and the nuisance around us. Sometimes the noise and distraction gets too much in our head that it becomes difficult to focus on what's necessary and right. Often, in times like these, we yearn for peace and the silence so we could find order in the chaos.

It's true; we've all become machines that work for long hours and desire for small getaways to some of the quietest places, in solitude and silence, to make our mind feel comforted. After all, these places help us forget all our worries and focus on what's important. 


If you want to get nurtured by nature, here are six most peaceful places in the world where you can unwind in nature's lap:

Underwater caves, Yucatan

Undoubtedly, the quietest place, as you don't get to hear much when you're in an underwater cave. This location in Mexico is dark and goes for miles underground. Get on with your headlamp and see the astonishing underwater caves at Yucatan.

The Outback, Australia

The Australian Outback isn't some specific location, it's an area spread over 6.5 million square kilometres of emptiness and remoteness. If you want to surround yourself with absolute silence, this is the perfect place to go.

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