The Top Myths about Pests in Your Hydroponic Garden: What You should Know

  • 5 years   ago

There’s a reason indeed why we call them pests – they are truly a hassle, and once your crops are afflicted by them, it’s hard to get rid of them without damaging your plants as well. Often, it leads to crops that are destroyed or have not been able to grow to their full potential and thus deliver smaller yields. What’s even worse: once a pest has been discovered and recognised, you may have to disassemble your whole setup and disinfect the growing room as well; a big hassle and headache, indeed. Here, then, are some common myths you should know about regarding pests in your hydroponic garden:




Indoor growing and hydroponic gardens don’t have trouble with pests: This statement is very untrue. Whilst it is true that the chances of getting pests in your indoor hydroponic setup are much smaller than if you were to grow outdoors, the possibility of getting bugs in your indoor garden is still very real. Imagine taking a walk in the park, getting a bug stuck on your shorts or trousers, and then going home to tend your hydroponic setup – that’s how easy it is. Pests do get inside sometimes, and there may be no way of knowing when they do get in.


Only your weak plants are attacked: Think again. The weak plants will always be the first to get attacked, but once you have one pest on one plant, you can be sure that it will spread like wildfire and possibly destroy your whole garden. Weak plants have less resistance and an inferior immune system, but once the bugs have had a chance to feed on them and reproduce, the pest population will surely shift to the superior food source.


Hydroponic setups don’t use insecticides: Yes, they do. Not as often as outdoor growers, but many hydroponic growers have been known to use harmful insecticides and hydroponic supplies both to prevent and to cure an infestation. One can understand the frustration of the indoor hydroponic grower if, after so much prevention and months of care, they feel obligated to give the harmful chemicals at least a try.


Homemade insecticides are safe for the plants: Hmmm, not really. They’re still insecticides, which mean they are still poison, intended to kill. Homemade remedies like household soap and oil sprays or vinegar solutions are indeed safer than industrial and chemical insecticide solutions – and they will kill a couple of bugs here and there – but prolonged exposure to the plants will damage your crops as well.


Prevention is a lot better than the cure – we all know this. Especially with indoor and hydroponic growing, pests truly cause great harm. Inform yourself of the many dangers pests can pose and make sure you are prepared for when the bugs do rear their ugly heads.