On World Sparrow Day, Everyone Has The Same Question - Where Have All The Birds Gone?

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Once they were all over the cities. shops, houses, tree tops and wherever one looked, there were sparrows. But over the past few years they have gone, to the point that it has become impossible to see the chirpy birds in urban areas.



As the world marks World Sparrow Day, it is a question that has left experts and enthusiasts alike searching for answers.

In cities like Delhi, they say the lack of nesting space is one of the most important factors that is contributing the dwindling number of sparrows.

With the modern infrastructure replacing almost all buildings, the old buildings which once acted as nesting spots are no longer available. 

In addition to this, the increasing presence of other bigger birds like pigeons and crows also make the sparrows vulnerable. Other than taking over their space, the bigger birds also take away the food of sparrows including grains and worms.

The tiny birds also face a serious threat from the increasing pollution in cities like Delhi, driving them into the outskirts.

World Sparrow Day began 2010, as an initiative by the Nature Forever Society of India, in partnership with several organisations, aimed at spreading awareness about the House Sparrow.

The theme for this World Sparrow Day is I LOVE Sparrows.

Source: indaitimes

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