Natural Formations You Wouldn't Believe Aren't Man-Made

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What are some of the most breathtaking natural sights? You might say the rains or the rainbow or the waves. But have you ever seen a mammatus cloud? Or the frozen bubble lake? There are some very beautiful natural creations which also draw thousands of tourists every year and you must know about them.


Some of these natural sights depend upon their geography while some of them work in specific weathers of climatic conditions. So what are some of the most beautiful natural sights in the world?

Have you ever seen any bioluminescent waves?

You might have seen these kinds of waves in movies because they look truly unreal. These kind of waves light up the shorelines of beaches and they look like someone has set up thousands of tiny lights on the sand. According to Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, the waves are caused by something called a phytoplankton bloom. The very small organisms which live in the phytoplankton usually get illuminated when there is movement, and thus causes the waves to light up.

Blue lava volcanoes are beautiful

A blue lava volcano is very different than a regular volcano. Firstly, because when it explodes, it erupts with a shining and hot blue electric lava. If you think normal lava is bad, this is obviously ten times as harsh. But a blue lava volcano eruption can only be recognized in the dark, as the blue light shines. If it erupts in daytime, it might just end up looking like a normal volcano eruption. The lava turns blue as the flames come in contact with the gases which are generated if the temperature is very high, and the gases contain sulphur. In the year 2014, the French photographer Olivier Grunewald captured some amazing pictures of the Indonesian Kawah Ijen volcano which was erupting blue lava.

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