Everything to know about moths

  • 2 months   ago

Moths are known as the dull-brown cousins of pretty butterflies. Moths are available in different colors as well as in different sizes. Moths are quite common and are seen everywhere. Some of the most significant facts about moths are as follows.

1. Moths belong to Lepidoptera

Moths and butterflies belong to the same family and order. The order of moths and butterflies is Lepidoptera. Entomologists call Lepidoptera as Leps, and they claim that above 90% of the Leps are moths instead of butterflies. There are more than 135000 several species of moths. Professionals think that almost 100,00 moths are not discovered yet.

2. Nocturnal but fly

It would be wrong to say that moths fly at night only. The majority of the moths are seen flying throughout the day. Most of the time, moths are seen to be mixed with hummingbirds, butterflies, or bees. Some moths having clear wings are seen visiting flowers during the day time.

3. Several sizes

Moths vary in size. Some small moths are known as micro-moths. Micromoths are referred to the moths that are equal to or smaller than a centimeter. Some moths have a wingspan of 2mm. However, some bigger moths are also seen. Some species of moths are so big that they have a wingspan of 28cm.

4. Moths are the biggest pollinators

The majority of the moths are the biggest pollinators. The majority of the moths are seen to move pollen grains from one flower to another flower. Thus moths help in cross-pollination. Some plant species are grown only because of the moths that took pollen grains from one flower to another flower.

5. Some moths are mouthless

There are some species of moths that are mouthless. Some moths have not developed fully functioning mouths. Some mouth fewer moths such as luna moth are a unique species that live a few days of their adulthood.

6. All moths do not eat

Caterpillar and moths comprise a significant portion of an ecosystem. Some moths are not seen to eat as they can survive without food. Moths are seen to make their habitat in one’s house, so they use house fumigation as an effective measure to get rid of moths.

7. Moths are being eaten

Moths are a great source of proteins. Different animals such as small mammals, frogs, bats, birds, and lizards feed on moths and caterpillars. Moths are eaten by other animals as well as some people are also seen to eat moths.

8. Moths are clever

Moths are clever enough, and they avoid being eaten by predators and people with several tricks. Moths use all the available strategies to avoid predation. Some moths have an appearance similar to tree bark. So these moths hide in the tree bark to avoid predation.


The bottom line

These are some of the most significant facts about moths. Moths are available in different colors, sizes, and designs. Experts say butterflies should not be given all the importance as moths are also of great significance. There are some carpet moths also present in the world.