10 Most Important Rivers in the World

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Rivers have always been essential for human life and settlement. A source for drinking, the source of food, to fertilize soils and a way to transfer goods from one place to another.  Rivers serve as a home for fishes and other creatures. They play an essential function in the environment of rainforest and wetlands. Here is the list of the most important rivers in the world.


10. Sepik River

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The longest river on the land of New Guinea is the Sepik River. The river begins from the Victor Emanuel Range in the central mountains of Papua New Guinea. In a snakelike fashion, just like the Amazon River, the Sepik flows to the Bismarck Sea. Unlike in most other huge rivers, the Sepik has no delta, but it runs straight into the ocean. The total length of the river is 1,126 kilometers or 700miles. It is also considered one of the last surviving undisturbed habitats in the world.

9. Mississippi River


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Mississippi River is considered the largest or biggest river system in North America and the US. It has about 2,320 miles (3,730 km) length. The river begins at Lake Itasca and empties under New Orleans (Gulf of Mexico).

The popular steamboats opened trade on the Mississippi in the 1820s. Timber, food, and cotton were carried down the river. After the coming of the railways in the 1880s, steamboats gradually decreased although they remained until the 1920s. A few steamboats, like Delta Queen, have remained as icons.

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