Water Sports Activities in Qatar You can Enjoy with Your Friends

  • 6 months   ago

With a 350-mile coastline, there aren’t a lot of places on this thumb-shaped peninsula in the Arabian Gulf that are far from the sea. Surrounded by warm and calm waters, it’s no surprise that Qatar is fast gaining a reputation as an awesome place to practice water sports. Whether you want to enjoy sports on the beaches, or even at Qatar’s inland seas and natural reserves, you certainly won’t be bored during your trip.  

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best water sports you can do in Qatar. Hopefully, it’ll make it easier to plan your trip and make the most of your beach time when you’re here. Let’s take a closer look! 

Stand up paddle boarding

With the waters off Doha tranquil and warm, this is a great place to take your first steps into the world’s fastest-growing watersport - stand up paddle boarding. Not only is it a great way to admire the capital’s skyline, but also to give yourself a full core workout. SUP is a versatile sport, and you could also have a go at SUP yoga or SUP fishing once you’ve got to grips with the basics. Another great place to SUP is Qatar’s inland canals, where water skis are not allowed so you’ll be left to paddle in peace.


Kayaking is another excellent way to give your core a workout while seeing a new part of Qatar. Rather than the Doha skyline, head to Al Thakira Natural Reserve. You can combine this fun water sport with wildlife watching, as there’s the chance to spot a number of impressive water birds. Not only that, you may also witness fish jumping up at you from the water! A wonderful way to experience the surprisingly rich biodiversity of Qatar. 

Scuba Diving

While it may not spring to mind as a watersport, you won’t want to miss scuba diving in Qatar. Many dive cities operate from the capital Doha, meaning it’s super convenient during your visit. It’s more than just convenience that makes Qatar such an attractive place to dive though. With reef and wreck diving and a range of offshore and shoredive sites, you’ll be mesmerised. Expect to see barracudas, groupers, batfish, cuttlefish, and more. You may even spot a dugong, as Qatar has the second largest population in the world. 


Parasailing is a great adrenaline rush, but it’s not for those who are afraid of heights. That’s because you’ll be strapped to a speedboat and pulled along as high as 600 feet above the sea! Parasailing flights are short, sharp, and sweet - expect them to be around 10 minutes. So, be sure to plan other water sports or some well-earned rest time on the beach when you finish.

Banana Boating

If you have somewhere called Banana Island, you’re missing a trick by not offering banana-boating trip. Less than half an hour from the capital Doha, this activity is super fun if you’re part of a group. Just be careful - the unpredictable movements might just throw you or one of the other passengers into the waters of the Arabian Gulf! 


One of the most popular water sports in Qatar, kitesurfing has been growing in popularity for the last 10 years. Impressive from far away, these colourful kites rely on the strong winds of the gulf to propel them along. You’ll need a lot of space for this, so perhaps look away from Doha’s beaches and instead consider somewhere like Al Mafjar or the Old Ruins Beach. New to this sport? Not to worry, there are several reputable companies that can offer you lessons. 


Another activity that has been growing in popularity, wakeboarding is a combination of a few board sports - namely water skiing, surfing, and snowboarding. It used to be called skurfing and originated in Australia in the 1980s. Once you’ve mastered getting your balance and have a bit of confidence, you can try numerous tricks as you’re pulled along behind a speedboat. Qatar is a great place to try this for the first time! 




Now you know which watersports you can do in Qatar…

It’s time to book your trip. Whether you want to enjoy the adrenaline rush of a banana boat, come face to face with biodiversity on a kayaking trip, or simply just spend the day SUPing on flat water, there’s a water sport for you in Qatar. For more news and travel tips to this exciting country, check out Qatar Day. Hopefully, you’ll have a great trip!