• 8 months   ago

Walk. Eat. Admire.

Yeah that's what you can do (would want to do) when you're taking a walk down the Corniche in Qatar. 

Surrounded by skyscrapers, the Doha Corniche is lined with magnificent hotels, cafes, the structural masterpieces; gorgeous parks with children’s play area, cool green lawns and other stunning landmarks such as the Museum of Islamic Art and the Qatar National Theatre.

The sightseers will always have the sea on one side while there is a small stretch of grassland and a very hectic business street on the other side. The place is popular with walkers, skaters, joggers and people love to stroll along the corniche, especially during the pleasant evenings, having a breathtaking view on the skyline.

The last decade saw increase in developmental work of the seaboard due to the new fame of Doha, with several skyscrapers being built towards the north of the Corniche. Presently, the Doha Corniche is now a charismatic epithet of the economic boom the country has been experiencing and their desire to open up and boost tourism. The luxurious buildings, stunning landmarks and magnificent masterpieces in the Corniche are reminiscent of New York City where all visitors to Doha come to visit, at some time during their stay.



The Sheraton is an Aztec-pyramid shaped landmark on the shores of the crescent-shaped Doha Bay. There is children’s play area, café, hop and cool green lawns with relaxing spaces where visitors can sit back and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Further along the corniche, there is a jetty to watch small fishes spilling over in the clear water. Tourist dhows in this place will take the visitors on a trip to Palm Tree Island. This small island, just offshore has excellent beaches for swimming and outstanding family amenities. there is Bal Hambar restaurant which is right on the shoreline, where we can sit serenely watching the waves crash along the wall below and enjoy the traditional Arabic cuisine. There is Al Bidda Park on the other side of the road on the next roundabout. there is Doha heritage village, a skanzen based on a traditional Qatari hamlet where Tourists can get to see pearl trading, weaving, old well, masked Bedouin women displaying jewellery and even a traditional Dhow permanently under repair. Nearly opposite the Emir palace is the is Doha Port area, which is parking place for a large number of traditional dhows, fishing boats , working boats and pleasure craft. On the other side of the road is Qatar national museum. The restaurant Ras Al Nasa and Doha club are at the very end of the Corniche which bring the walk to an end.