Tips for Applying Hard Gel Nail

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Tips on how to use hard gel nails at home.

By applying hard gel nail polish, you can provide an adequate amount of strength to your original nails. Besides, this will enhance the look and appearance of your nails. However, there is a possibility that when you apply this type of gel on your nail, you may not get that hard fumes which you get by applying different artificial nail get. The reason behind this is, such hard gels become hard only under ultraviolet light and the layers need to be kept under the UV light for around 5 to 6 minutes.


However, if you don't have any knowledge about these, you can end up with broken nails. Applying gel involves lots of steps and to get the best result you should prefer professional for this job. If you are thinking to extend you nail using hard gel, choose the hard gel nail Scottsdale to get the best kind of services. There a few important tips that can help you in applying hard gel by all possible means.

Some Useful Tips for Applying Hard Gel on Your nails:

  • The first step in this, to take your own time to cut and shape up the nails before applying the gel. Before cutting your nails, it is important to decide what kind of shape that you want to get. Then cut down the nail accordingly. Now move to the next step and shape up your nails.
  • In the second step, use the cuticle remover as musch as you can. After developing the desired shape, you should apply for cuticle remover at the bottom side of the nails carefully. For this use the cuticle stickes to push the nail skin from the plate. Now remove the excess oil using cotton and solution.
  • Now apply a thin layer of base coat to your nails. Use thin layers that you can do with hard get nail polsih. Apply the base layer and allow the gel to remain on your fingers for a few minutes. Don't try to use the gel on your fingers and let the base layer to become dried up. Use hard gel nail Scottsdale to get best layer quality. 
  • After done with the baselayer, it's time to apply a thin layer for one more time. Here you should use the colored layer to use paint over the portion of the mails and t create paint over the surface of the nails. Now keep the layers under a UV lamp for around five minutes. 
  • Now cover up your nails with best quality hard get nail polish and use paint over tip the way you have applied to the colour gel. After that keep the gel under the UV light for around five minutes. 
  • While doing this, you may find a sticky layer immediately after completing curing of gel. Use a cotton and isopropyl alcohol to clean it and repeat the steps.

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