The Pursuit of Real Happiness for Millennial's

  • 2 years   ago
The Pursuit of Real Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a success for some and a demotivation for many. It is all in your mind. The mentality that you have determines what will make you happy. The factors of happiness are usually different for most of the people. The millennial generation, however, has a similar sort of mentality, and their pursuit of happiness is almost towards the similar direction. The pursuit of happiness of the millennial generation is often taken in a very wrong way by the others. The mentality of this generation is entirely different than the rest. They are well aware of the political, social, cultural and economic situations of not only their family and community but also of their country and the global concerns.


The pursuit of Happiness of the Millennial Generation

The millennials are often quite happy with the small things that they are provided with and that they own. They usually don't have too much expectations from others. The generation, however, has high hopes for themselves. They have a high image of themselves which is true. This is one primary reason that a lot of the millennials often suffer from anxiety and depression. With a little drawback in their lives or themselves, they take it in too harsh of a manner. They don’t always need crimsoune club shirts or Armani suit to be happy in life. They can be made happy with a small note also from time to time. Various aspects can help you understand the general pursuit of happiness of the millennials. Below are some of the factors that the millennials have in their pursuit of happiness.

1. Money – the millennials like other generations also are money minded, and they don't believe in the saying ‘money can't buy happiness.' They rather believe that ‘a lot of money can buy you immense happiness,' and this makes them more concerned about earning more and living a good life. The millennials are surely money minded as are most people. They, however, want to earn money in the right and proper ways through hard work and determination. The concept of fraud and cheating is relatively less amongst the millennials.


2. Experiences over Material – the majority of the people believe that the millennials are materialistic people due to the fact that they are money-minded. The millennial generations, however, are not so materialistic. They surely love to have good things for themselves as does all. On research and survey, it has come to the notice that the millennials are more willing to spend on experiences than on the materialistic things. The mentality of the millennials entirely contradicts what people think of them. This generation believes that memories and experiences are more important than keeping souvenirs. 

ExperiencesOver Material

3. Hobbies – being the younger generation, the millennials have a number of hobbies. The hobbies that are adopted by the millennials are most unusual and innovative. Some have hobbies like the restoration of old articles, then again some love to go on bike rides, there are people who love to research about the things that they are interested in. There are a number of millennials who have taken up hobbies like tattooing and body modification techniques; there are also some who like to compose music. These hobbies are love for the millennial generation and are equally appreciated by the others of their generation. They are happy when they spend time doing what they like. If a person of this generation gets a job that is based on their hobby, they are most likely to put down a better offer.

4. Work Mentality – the millennials are misjudged as being a generation that is often too lazy to do any work. This isn't true at all; instead many millennials contribute the most to their work and jobs. The mentality of the millennials is a bit out of the box when it comes to the factor of work mentality. The millennials are money minded and may from time to time have to take up jobs that they don't like. In such situations, they are very stringent with the amount of work that they do. They may be considered as lazy due to this exclusive fact. However, if they get a job that they like, one may even get out of their way and do some work that isn't assigned to them. Looking at millennials who work in the industry that interests them is amazing, and the wrong conceptions are removed about them.

5. Social Benefit – millennials are a generation that is socially well aware. They have a knack for conducting humanitarian works. They will help the society in whatever small way they can. The fact that the society is benefitting from their actions give them an absolute peace of mind and happiness that is hard to explain. This is the reason that a lot of brands and companies today are taking up the philanthropic approach in their marketing strategy.

6. Fame – the millennials want to get famous. There are lyrics from a song of one of the millennial music bands that say, "I don't wanna be rich, I just wanna be famous." The millennials want to be known, and they market themselves in that way. The fame is not always for self-importance or money. On the contrary, it usually is for a platform base that they can stand on to conducts philanthropic programs. 

7. The standard of Living – the millennials believe that having a proper standard of living is happiness. They have a thought process that an appropriate standard of living brings happiness. It is a fact though that having a higher standard of living is vital in the pursuit of happiness. With better living standards, there is greater happiness among the millennials.

8. The Small Things – the millennials are not too greedy in life. They are contented and happy with the small regular things that they have. The millennial generation is thankful for what they have and respects it. The clothes they have, the food they get, the place they live in are all the things that they value so much and love. They respect what they have, and that brings them happiness. 

The millennials are not too materialistic, and they are not always greedy. Now there will be black sheep in the herd. In general, the millennials are easily happy, and they are most successful in their pursuit of happiness.