Michael Jackson's Daughter Has 'Proof' Her Dad Was Murdered By The Illuminati

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Paris Jackson, the eighteen-year-old daughter of the late pop star Michael Jackson, has stunned the world of entertainment recently with the astonishing claim that her famous father was deliberately killed. Now, she is pointing the finger firmly at the influential and highly secretive society, the Illuminati.


When Michael Jackson was still alive, many people believed that he had connections with the Illuminati because of the unusual imagery used on his album covers and in his music videos which appeared to mirror the symbolism of the elusive organization. These connections are very common in popular music, according to many theorists, who suggest that the entire mainstream music industry is completely under the control of the mysterious society.

It may have been the case that Jackson was a member or an agent of the Illuminati at some point, but according to his daughter Paris, the relationship must have soured. She had sensationally claimed that her father repeatedly said before he died that he had been marked for death by people who were ‘more powerful than the government.' She also claimed that she was not the only person to believe that a shadowy organization had a hand in the death of her father and said that her entire family also believed it. Her aunt and Michael’s sister LaToya Jackson has been outspoken in her belief that her brother was murdered on previous occasions.

The most compelling piece of evidence that points to Jackson’s death is a murder a recording of a telephone call between Michael Jackson and his former manager Dieter Weisner immediately before his death. In this conversation he said, “I don’t know if I should tell you this. There may be a group of people; they want to get rid of me, they don’t want me here anymore… I don’t know what’s going to happen but I just feel... In my soul. Only God knows. They could shoot me; they could stab me, they could frame me and say I overdosed on DRUGS; they can do a lot of things…It’s not the government; it’s more than the government.”

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