Dad Gets On Stage To Do Ballet With His Daughter After She Suffers Stage Fright

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A father-of-three truly stepped up to the plate last week after his daughter got stage fright during a ballet performance.

The amazing footage shows Marc Daniels quickly coming to the aid his young daughter at Hamilton City Hall, Bermuda, on 29 May during a dress rehearsal for her dance recital.


The barrister can be seeing trying his all to mimic ballet moves such as balancing on one leg beside two-year-old daughter Bella.

He manages to do all this while holding his youngest daughter Suri in one of his arms.

Daniels said:


Bella was very emotional and needed hugs from her daddy.

Despite having a tantrum, I can tell she wanted to stay on stage and I didn’t want to discourage her before the big performance by making her be the only one to come off.

I walked on holding Suri and stood next to her, trying to help build her confidence – I told her I loved her and that she’s an amazing dancer.

I asked if she wanted to dance with daddy and she nodded, so I thought I’d join in.

I’ve practiced with them at home on many occasions so it wasn’t unfamiliar to me.

His pirouettes also caught the attention of his work colleagues.

He explained:

Jurors, police officers and members of the prosecution have even been giving me twirls and plies as a token of appreciation for the video.

Even in court the other day, one of the magistrates made a comment about my moves that prompted the court to erupt into laughter.

Before having the girls I don’t think I’d ever attempted any ballet moves before, but now everyone in Bermuda knows me for my toe-pointing.

Maybe it’s never too late to become a ballerina!

Social media lapped it up, with one commenter saying:

How cool does that family look? And we get force fed the Beckhams everyday! SMH.

Another said:

How lovely. Made me cry seeing him dance with her. He will be her best friend forever.

Dad of the year 2018 has an early frontrunner…

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