5 Ways to Prep for the Week Ahead - Less Chaos & Stress by Planning Ahead

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Less Chaos & Stress by Planning Ahead

When you get up in the morning on a Sunday, you could be ready to go, or moving slow. Some people go to church on this morning, and still, others get up and go for a jog. With a bit of preparation and planning, you can spend time on Sunday – or whichever day you have off – to get your week laid out perfectly. You can really set the tone for your work week by what you do with your time on the weekend. And your last day of the weekend can be filled with strife or relaxation. Take a bit of time on any given Sunday, and look at our five ways to prep for the week ahead as there’sless chaos and stress if you plan.

1. Plan Your Meals
Most people do not have the luxury of eating lunch at home when they are working. If you are among this number, then you will probably be eating take-out if you haven't made yourself a lunch to go.

Think about all the money that you spend dining out. It probably isn't worth spending 15 dollars to get a subpar lunch. Also, a lot of quick grabs and go restaurants may not offer as many fresh ingredients as compared to a meal you might make at home.

You can really save your waistline and some money by preparing your food at home. So, take some time to get some meals to freeze done on the weekends.

2. Exercise Nearer to the Morning
Some studies show that exercising at night will make it harder for you to fall asleep? The fact is, exercise will give you more energy immediately after. This effect can last for hours upon hours. That's why an exercise routine should be in the morning or perhaps directly after work before coming home. Preparing an exercise routine for the week will make sure that you get to sleep on time every night. Get that gym bag ready and plan for weekday workouts.

3. Give Yourself a Day of Rest
You need to have some time off to unwind. So, if you are spinning your tires with this type of schedule, see if you’re able to ask for at least two days off a week. One of those days you can run all your errands and do all your prep work for the next work week. On the next day, you can simply rest and have some leisure. This means planning your weekdays out so that you can spread out the “work” days and have an actual day off or two, to yourself so that relaxation and unwinding are part of your week.

4. Prep Your Outfits
What one of the best investments people can make is in their wardrobe. Having a clothes steamer at home can clean those clothes that would otherwise have to be dry cleaned. This is one less stop on the errand circuit and more money in your pocket over time. A two-person household doubles those savings.

On your day off, you can invest a little bit of time making sure all of your clothes are wrinkle free and ready to go. This means that in the morning you can just grab whatever you fancy to wear and go. Presenting your best self can make even the dreariest of days seem better. So, take care of clothing items, and they will take care of you back, by giving you a put together and solid appearance. First impressions mean a lot, but looking good every day can mean even more.

5. Set Some Goals
This might seem like an insane suggestion. However, people who are goal orientated end up gettingmany things accomplished by the end of the day. They know what they are trying to accomplish and are internally driven. Every action is geared towards accomplishing their goals. This may be something you should map out over time, but having small tasks completed each week will add up to a huge accomplishment over time.