Visa and Resident Permit Rules in Qatar

  • 3 years   ago
Visa and Resident Permit Rules in Qatar

Qatar government has recently modified its rules regarding visa and residence permits. There was a day when labor working in Qatar had to stay all alone away from their family but now, after implementing some new rules of residence permits, Qatar is now offering some satisfying rules.


You can now shift your family in Qatar if you’re working here. This is all due to newly launched labor law. You can shift your family in Qatar with just little effort. Moreover, your family can also work after registering their selves in Recruitment Department. This recruitment department can be accessed in Ministry of Administration Development, Labor and Social Affairs.

If you’re willing to work and shift your family in Qatar, you’ll have to acquire Work Residence Permit (RP) that can be obtained by any employer under which you’ll work in future. Your employer will be responsible for getting you an RP. While entering in Qatar, your employer is also responsible for getting you a temporary visa that will be converted in Work Residence Permit. This visa to permit conversion usually takes almost 3-4 weeks and you’re not allowed to leave the country during this period.

After getting your Residence Permit (RP), you can avail numerous facilities and services. For instance, signing a rental accommodation agreement, applying for further permits, applying for licenses, and applying for a loan are some main services in the list but there are a number of other services as well.

Once you get your RP, you can sponsor your immediate family and for that, each of them must have separate Family Residence Visa. Moreover, you have to provide some basic but essential documents such as your children’s birth certificates, your marriage certificate, salary certificate, and no-objection letter.

How to Renew Your Lost Resistant Permit

In case if you lost your RP, you can renew it from the Ministry of Interior or you can renew through their online portal. There’s a specific fee for renewal of lost Resistant Permit. Moreover, you have to report to the General Directorate of Passports if you have lost your Qatari ID.

There’re two possibilities of losing an RP. One refers to the situation when you lose your RP outside of Qatar. In that case, you have wait until the authorities send you a new Qatar ID so that you can enter in the state of Qatar. But if you lose your RP within Qatar, your employer or company have to approach to the Ministry for replacement of Resistant Permit.